The Trailer Park Homesteader: Three Amazing Products You Need!

Trailer Park Homesteader: Three Amazing Products You NeedNovember 20, 2014:  Today Sharon is reviewing three amazing products that she feels every prepared home needs to have. The first of these is the All American Sun Oven, a wonderful way to cook and prepare a multitude of foods and also use to pasteurize water. Second up is the Kelly Kettle, a lightweight and portable way to boil water and cook food on the go. Lastly, Sharon is reviewing the Harvest Guard Portable Sealer. This easy to use vacuum sealer takes the guess work out of sealing up your long-term food storage items. Join Sharon as she describes her family’s experiences with the products and how you will benefit from getting them too!



Links to the Manufacturers:

All American Sun Oven

Kelly Kettle/USA

Weston Supply



All American Sun Oven

The Kelly Kettle

Weston Harvest Guard Portable Vacuum Sealer


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