The Trailer Park Homesteader: Intro to Prepping

Intro to Prepping ep8 PicJuly 3, 2014:  Today Sharon explains what prepping is and why it is important. She also discusses the difference between short-term and long-term prepping and how to begin your own prepping plan. Sharon shares 10 tips to help you with your preparedness plan and gives resources to assist in your planning. She also describes the key issues of hunkering down (a.k.a bugging in), bugging out, and supplies to consider for each scenario.

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The Trailer Park Homesteader: Container Gardening and Fertilizing Methods

container gardening picMay 22, 2014:  Today The Trailer Park Homesteader discusses container gardening and fertilizing methods to consider to ensure the success of your plants and vegetables. One of the best ways to grow vegetables if you have limited space, is through the use of containers. But how do you know what type of container to choose? And what types of fertilizing methods can you use? For new gardeners this can seem a bit confusing, but today Sharon helps to show you how simple it can be to grow your own food regardless of how much space you have to work with.

She’ll explore which soils are best to use such as using peat, bark, coir fiber (ground coconut hulls), and vermiculite. Next Sharon will discuss the environmental factors you’ll want to consider to maintain good plant health. Lastly she’ll dig into composting and how it can be done, even in small property homesteading. Container gardening is a great method for those of us who are growing in small spaces. Even if you live in an apartment or high-rise, there are ways to be able to grow your own food. Maybe it’s not the big garden you dream about, but it is a start and you can take pride in knowing that you are making efforts toward becoming more self-sufficient.

Join Sharon today and see if you might benefit from using any of her tips or suggestions.


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Container Gardening & Fertilizing Methods