Food Storage and Survival: EDC Purse Preparedness

FSS episode 73 imageOctober 15, 2014 – What’s in your purse? Can it help you survive? In this episode we talk about some Every Day Carry (EDC) items to have with you whether you carry them in your purse, diaper bag, or in your pockets. Plus some items you may already have in that purse that could be used for survival.

Mentioned in the show:

Preparedness Fair listing

Small first aid kit

Leatherman Squirt

Wallet-Sized Fire Starter

Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Interview with Survivalist, Expert Jim Cobb

jim cobb survivalist expertSeptember 11, 2014:  Karen Lynn interviews Jim Cobb, Survivalist and Preparedness Expert, author of “Countdown to Preparedness and “The Preppers Complete Book of Disaster Readiness” and blog owner at Survival Weekly.

Jim shares with Karen Lynn some beginner to moderate prepper information.  He discusses “Bug Out Bags” in depth with some great tips and strategies!  Jim shares his wealth of knowledge and wisdom and some clever hints that really get that “Beginner” prepper to start thinking and planning ahead!

Karen Lynn and Jim discuss their love of Sci-Fi and apocalyptic books as well….a fun and engaging show that you will definitely want to join in on!

Show Resources:

Jim’s Bio – Click here!

Jim’s Blog – Survival Weekly

Jim’s Preparedness Consulting Business – Click here!

Want to check out some of Jim’s books? – Click here!


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Food Storage & Survival: Survival, Shelter, and Fat Guys in the Woods with Creek Stewart

FSS episode 67 imageSeptember 3, 2014 – What does it take to survive in the woods? Today’s guest is Creek Stewart: author, instructor, owner of Willow Haven Outdoor, and host of the new television series Fat Guys in the Woods on The Weather Channel. We get some insight into the show, plus tips on wilderness survival and finding or making shelter wherever your wilderness is.

Mentioned in the show:

Fat Guys in the Woods

Willow Haven Outdoor

Food Storage and Survival: 10 Things to Check before You Buy Your Survival Home

House for one familyAugust 27, 2014: Looking for a survival property?  Or maybe you just want to give your current location a survival checkup.  You don’t need a bunker in a secret location to have a prepared home.  In this episode we discuss some things you’ll want to consider to help decide on a new home or to give your current home a survival checkup!  Plus, September is National Preparedness Month and I give you a preview of some of the great events, contests, giveaways, and promotions that will be going on throughout the month!

Mentioned in the Show:

Preparedness Events

Food Storage Made Easy 7 Day Challenge

10 Things to Check Before Buying Your Survival Home

Survival Mom Radio Show: Creek Stewart and Fat Guys in the Woods

Creek StewartAugust 12, 2014: Fat Guys in the Woods, a new show on the Weather Channel, is hosted by Creek Stewart, and this week Creek and Lisa discuss the show and wilderness survival.

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Are You Ready for an Evacuation?

DSC_0002August 4, 2014: We might have to leave our homes in the blink of an eye, but are you ready? Do you have a plan in place to get you out fast? This week, Charley shares her top 10 tips to help get you started on a family evacuation plan.

Mountain Woman Journals: Listener questions and Survival Series #6 (Recommendations for your pack)

August 21, 2013: In today’s show I discuss some of our homestead happenings, answer several listener questions and survival series #6.

The survival series #6 is focusing on the necessary items for your pack and my recommendations of several items as well as the release of the NEW Trayer Wilderness survival item.  Be sure to join my Mountain Woman Rendezvous and be sure to check out my instructional videos.

Be sure to enter the giveaway for the  Pink Camo Survival Pack by
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Alaska Guide Creations

Mountain Woman Journals: Homesteading, Prepping & Survival, Exercise and Survival Series 4 (Primitive Fire)

Mountain Woman Journals Survival Series 4 Primitive FireAugust 7, 2013: In today’s show I discuss the differences between homesteading, prepping, and survival and how they crossover, the need for fitness and survival series #4.

The survival series #4 is focusing on primitive fire techniques and how to build and use them. Be sure to join my Mountain Woman Rendezvous and be sure to check out my instructional videos.

Mountain woman journals episode 15 staying fit primitive fire
Here are some links to the resources that I mentioned in my show today:

Surviving on Shoestrings: Your cell phone can help you prepare AND save money

Samsung-Intensity_H4-WEBJuly 8, 2013: First, Donna shares a listener’s email about the topic of cell phone uses. Then join Donna as she brings back her friend and guest, Joyce Mosley Piece of Prepared in Every Way. They are going to discuss uses for your cell phone (it doesn’t have to be a smart phone either) that can save you time, money and maybe even your life!  Join us for a show that turned out to be quite fun!

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