Essential Survival Show: Preparedness Basics with Lisa Bedford, the “Survival Mom”

Preparedness March 25, 2014:  On today’s episode of The Essential Survival Radio Show, Julie interviews special guest Lisa Bedford, the “Survival Mom”, about her path to becoming interested in preparedness.  Lisa also shares her Top 3 Tips for Newbie Preppers.

If you are new with preparedness or haven’t taken as many steps as you would like on your path to preparedness for natural and economic disaster, listen to today’s show and get some ideas for what is next for you!

Lisa Bedford is the author of the highly-acclaimed book Survival Mom:  How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters & Worst-Case Scenarios.   Check out her top-rated website at

Lisa Bedford

Surviving on Shoestrings: Kitchen Stretching Tips & The Pride of Poverty

Surviving on Shoestring: poverty by us countyFebruary 17, 2014:  In this episode of Surviving on Shoestrings, Donna goes through some ideas to help your budget by stretching things in the kitchen.  For more helpful tips in the kitchen, check out Donna’s Blog HERE.  If it’s not up there yet, it will be!  Sign up for the Newsletter while you’re there too!

Then the last half of the show, she’ll wax philosophical and talk about the Pride of Poverty.  It’s a two edged sword. No matter if you are the one dealing with poverty or you know someone who is, there are ways to deal with the pride that is perceived from both sides.

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