Surviving on Shoestrings: Buying in bulk, Part 1

buyingINbulk1August 19, 2013:  One of the best ways to make ends meet is to prepare in advance by bulk buying food and other items. In this episode we are going to focus on the first part of bulk buying.  Donna will help you take the mystery out of how to tackle buying in bulk if you’ve never taken that step.  This is the first in a four part series that each one builds upon the previous episode.  Stay tuned …

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Surviving on Shoestrings: A hodge-podge of money saving kitchen ideas

groceriesMay 6, 2013 – Monday

In this episode Donna shares how her weird brain works. Over the years of stretching she has amassed a list of odd money-saving techniques that range from food to non-food items. Listen for a few off the wall tips! If you want more insight into some of them (and more of them) go to her YouTube Channel.

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