The Trailer Park Homesteader: How to Prepare for Cold & Flu Season on the Cheap

Ep23-SharonPannell_ColdnFluSeason_ImgOctober 16, 2014:

On Today’s show Sharon is discussing frugal ways to keep your family protected during the cold and flu season. Keeping your family safe against seasonal bugs, viruses, and those all around nasty germs doesn’t have to break the bank. Using simple techniques and making use of cheap finds, can help to keep those germs at bay.




Mentioned on the Show:

6 Essential Oils for Colds and Flu by Homemade Mommy

How We Use Essential Oils for Colds and Flus by The Prairie Homestead

3 Amazing Ways for using Essential Oils during Cold Season by Happy Money Saver

Antiviral Essential Oils by

The Star Wars Guide to Surviving Flu Season on The Survival Mom

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Supplies Mentioned:

Rugged Blue N95 Particulate Respirator – Box of 20

PURELL Sanitizing Hand Wipes Individually Wrapped 100-ct. Box

Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer


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This show is for information purposes only. Always seek the advice of a trained health professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

The Trailer Park Homesteader: Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas

Ep22_quickandeasydinner_SharonPannell_showimageOctober 9, 2014 – Today Sharon is sharing a few different, but quick and easy dinner ideas with her listeners. First up is a dish she grew up with that her mother called German Hot Dish. The second recipe is kielbasa, potatoes, and steamed biscuit’s. This dinner is a bit different, but it is also super simple and delicious. Next Sharon shares a recipe for smothered chicken and rice. This one-pan dish is easy to throw together and your family will think that you spent a lot of time on this meal. Lastly, Sharon talks about making mini-meat loaves and how using a muffin pan will help you to save a lot of time!


Mentioned on the Show:

Christy Jordan’s Southern Plate Show

Southern Plate Website

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The Trailer Park Homesteader: Fall Canning – Soups and Stews

Oct2nd-SharonPannell_Ep21_Fall Canning Soups and Stews

October 2, 2014 –

Fall Canning: Soups and Stews

As the weather cools down many of us will soon be snuggling up and enjoying a hot bowl of soup. In this episode, Sharon shares two of her favorite recipes. The first recipe is for a hearty vegetable-beef soup and the second is chili con carne. She also explains not only the steps to making both of these recipes, but also how to can them. Follow along and get your fall canning started today!



Get Recipes Here- Fall Canning: Soups and Stews

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The Trailer Park Homesteader: Preparedness Month Challenge – Progress Report

Sept25th_Ep20_SharonPannell_PreparednessMonthProgressSeptember 25, 2014 – For Preparedness Month, Sharon began her own personal challenge to make some healthier choices. In her article “Being a Fat Prepper (yeah I said it)” she outlined specific items she was struggling with and took an honest and humorous approach to share her personal stories with readers. Sharon wanted to take the opportunity to share her progress in this challenge and encourage those who wrote in and decided to accept the challenge for themselves.


Mentioned on the Show:

My Kale Kids with Jessica Brassington

Emotional Eater Podcast

The 411 on Diet Trends & Terms Podcast

Being a Fat Prepper, (yeah I said it)….


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The Trailer Park Homesteader: An Interview with the Most Dangerous Woman in America – Marjory Wildcraft

Sept18_Sharon Pannell_Ep19_Marjory Wildcraft_Show ImageSeptember 18, 2014 – What would it be like to be completely free of supermarkets and drugstores?  What would it be like if you didn’t have to worry about the ever-increasing price of food?  And wouldn’t it be great if you had access to food that is way more tasty and nutritious than anything you can buy?

Not only is this possible, there are people who are already doing it.

In this interview with Marjory Wildcraft you will learn:
– the secret to a green thumb
– why growing your own food is like printing your own money
– the biggest mistake most beginners make, and how to avoid it
– the single best indicator to predict when dramatic changes will occur in your neighborhood.
– 3 steps for getting started today


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Grab Your Grow Your Own Groceries DVD Set


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The Trailer Park Homesteader: REAL Medical Prepping with The Patriot Nurse, Part 1of 2

Sept 4th_Sharon Pannell_Ep17Real Medical Prepping Part 1_ImageSeptember 4, 2014 – To celebrate National Preparedness Month, Sharon turns to The Patriot Nurse to help us learn REAL information regarding medical prepping. The Patriot Nurse takes time out of her very busy schedule to share her expertise with listeners. She explains what skills the average person should first focus on and the supplies they realistically need. She shares some of the most overlooked illnesses and conditions that people need to focus on. The Patriot Nurse also discusses what information people need to know about the safety and use of a common medical prep: fish antibiotics. She also breaks down their manufacturing origins, how to use, and how to properly store these. Next, Sharon and The Patriot Nurse discuss how crucial medications should be stored long-term in preparation for a disaster and the ideal expiration dates for particular medications. The Patriot Nurse also explains the physical benefits and uses of essential oils in your medical preps. In closing, she addresses one of the biggest mistakes that many preppers make regarding nutritional needs.

Please remember to tune next week for Part Two of the interview with The Patriot Nurse, where she covers topics such as pandemics, Ebola, and her own personal experiences. You don’t want to miss either of these shows on REAL medical prepping.


Visit: The Patriot Nurse

Mentioned on the Show:

Lone Star Medics

Tactical response

Are Fish Antibiotics Safe For Humans?  Video


Find the Essential Oils: Stress Away, Thieves Oil, and Trauma Life HERE


Find Fish Antibiotics Here:  Camping Survival

The Trailer Park Homesteader: A Teacher’s Tips for Parents with Crista Bishop

Sharon_Pannell_Ep16_A Teachers Tips for ParentsAugust 28, 2014: This week Sharon is speaking with Crista Bishop, a Kansas teacher who shares her experiences in working within the educational field. Crista tackles challenges that teachers face and how they strive to overcome them. She also gets frank about the most common assumptions that parents make, regarding their children’s teachers and ways parents can help their children to succeed in school. Crista also shares extremely touching examples of what she has learned from being a teacher. Lastly, she gives five terrific tips that all parents need to hear.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like advice from Crista, feel free to email The Trailer Park Homesteader and Sharon will forward on your messages:  [email protected]

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The Trailer Park Homesteader: Bartering vs. Time Banking

Sharon Pannell_Ep14_Bartering vs.Time BankingAugust 14, 2014 – In today’s episode, Sharon is discussing bartering and Time Banking. She’ll look at a brief history of bartering, the new trend of time banking and how these can be used. She also talks about bartering in Shtf and preparedness ways to benefit from joining a local time bank.


Mentioned in the show:

Time Banks USA

Edgar Cahn

Transition Town Media


The Art of Barter


Find More Here: Bartering vs. Time Banking

The Trailer Park Homesteader: Stretching Your Grocery Budget – Using Coupons

Sharon Pannell_Ep#13_Couponing PicAugust 7, 2014: In this episode Sharon explains how to use coupons to stretch your grocery budget. She gives the step by step instructions on how to learn effective couponing strategies and how the process works. Sharon also guides you through how to obtain store matchups, finding coupons, how to organize them, and what to do with all those expired coupons too.


Mentioned on the show:

Sharon’s Haul


Find More Information:

Stretching Your Grocery Budget: Using Coupons