Survial Mom Radio Show: Why Are So Many Preppers Angry?

angerJune 5, 2014: Across the internet in forums, blogs, and websites runs an undeniable thread of anger in prepper and survival circles. Why are so many preppers angry? What has caused this anger? Is any of it justified? Lisa weighs in with her own observations and experiences.

Survival Mom Radio Show: All about preppers with author Jim Cobb

jim cobbMay 27, 2014: Author Jim Cobb has been survival and prepper minded for the past 3 decades and is highly regarded as a blogger and author. In this episode Jim and Lisa discuss the prepper movement, prepper communities, and how to find other preppers.

Jim’s blog is Survival Weekly and his books are Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide, The Preppers Complete Guide to Disaster Readiness, Prepper’s Home Defense, and soon to be released, Countdown to Preparedness.

He recommends the Waka Waka Light andthe Bio-Lite Stove.

Real Food Living: Prepping with disabilities


Wheelchair October 11, 2013: Prepping with disabilities and challenges. On this episode, Vickilynn shares her experiences  and helpful tips on how to manage prepping tasks while dealing with disabilities and challenges.