Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Suburban Off-Grid Cooking & A Recap of my Survival Mom Radio Network Favorite Moments

lshoffgridcooking_smrsrecapNovember 27, 2014:  Karen Lynn wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving and shares about  her Suburban Off-Grid Cooking experience with her All American Sun Oven and the recipes she has made with the oven and gives a product review on this product as well from her perspective and how she plans to use this oven and going forward her plans with the sun oven.  Living in an area that experiences hurricanes and freak ice storms she has appreciated the multi-use of this product.

The second half of the show she shares a recap of some of her favorite moments on The Survival Mom Radio Network and you have to listen to this there will be links to the show notes to these particular shows!

This is Karen Lynn’s final show on The Survival Mom Radio Network but instead of saying goodbye she says “Until next time” and next time is next week on Dec. 2nd  at 9pm Eastern a live show on her premiere show at Prepper Broadcasting Network!

She also just had her premiere live streaming show on Around The Cabin which airs every other Monday at 8pm eastern time!   Which is interactive from the chat room.

Both shows on Around The Cabin and the Prepper Broadcasting Network is that shows will all be archived for future viewing and listening!  Also don’t forget that all of Karen Lynn’s shows that have aired on The Survival Mom Radio Network will be on Itunes and Podcast Republic for download for the future!

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The Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 1

The Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 2

The Sububan Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 3 – Roasted Apples with Honey, Cardamom, Ginger & Nutmeg (Coming Soon)

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Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Off-Grid Cooking During Wildfire Season

off grid cookingJuly 14, 2014: This week Charley talks about emergency, off grid cooking during the worst season of all­, Fire Season! She explains what fire season is, discusses the pros and cons of alternative, non fire or charcoal cooking options and shares 2 new recipes.

Surviving on Shoestrings: Eustace Conway of Turtle Island Preserve

Eustace Drives BuggyMarch 3, 2014: I am so thrilled to be talking with my special guests Eustace Conway and Desere from Turtle Island Preserve as my very special guests for this episode. I have had the opportunity to speak with each of them on many occasions but this is their first appearance here on Surviving On Shoestrings!

Some of you may know of Eustace from the History Channel Series: “Mountain Men” or perhaps as the focus of the book, The Last American Man, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Both are simply extra decorations to what the roots of his life: Helping people connect with real, natural life!

Please help someone attend camp this year by supporting TIP’s Online Scholarship Efforts: Donate Online Here

Or email: [email protected] or call: (828) 265-2267(828) 265-2267

An upcoming event at Turtle Island Preserve that you may enjoy is “Families Learning Together” on April 26th. I’ll get see you there too! Hope you make it!

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Real Food Living: Interview with Tammy Trayer and the off-grid lifestyle

June 14, 2013: Why would a family choose to live off-the-grid and what is their daily life like? Vickilynn interviews Tammy Trayer, wife, homeschooling mom, author, radio show host and pioneer who shares her amazing story into primitive, off-grid living. Part One.