The Trailer Park Homesteader: REAL Medical Prepping with The Patriot Nurse, Part 1of 2

Sept 4th_Sharon Pannell_Ep17Real Medical Prepping Part 1_ImageSeptember 4, 2014 – To celebrate National Preparedness Month, Sharon turns to The Patriot Nurse to help us learn REAL information regarding medical prepping. The Patriot Nurse takes time out of her very busy schedule to share her expertise with listeners. She explains what skills the average person should first focus on and the supplies they realistically need. She shares some of the most overlooked illnesses and conditions that people need to focus on. The Patriot Nurse also discusses what information people need to know about the safety and use of a common medical prep: fish antibiotics. She also breaks down their manufacturing origins, how to use, and how to properly store these. Next, Sharon and The Patriot Nurse discuss how crucial medications should be stored long-term in preparation for a disaster and the ideal expiration dates for particular medications. The Patriot Nurse also explains the physical benefits and uses of essential oils in your medical preps. In closing, she addresses one of the biggest mistakes that many preppers make regarding nutritional needs.

Please remember to tune next week for Part Two of the interview with The Patriot Nurse, where she covers topics such as pandemics, Ebola, and her own personal experiences. You don’t want to miss either of these shows on REAL medical prepping.


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