Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Plants with Benefits with Helen Yoest, Author

helen yoest author of plants with benefitsSeptember 25, 2014:  Karen Lynn has Plants with Benefits Author  and Gardening/Herb expert Helen Yoest on the show and they discuss the beautiful aroma of plants what they were actually designed to do and how herbs can help keep Karen Lynn’s marriage of 25 years spicy or any marriage for that matter!

Helen and Karen Lynn have the love of plants and gardening in common and Helen inpsires and encourages all who listen some of her simple strategies for gardening and about her fun job in the gardening magazine industry!

This show will excite you and inspire you to learn more about the plants you are working with in the garden and to see how they are affecting your senses!  Come join us!

Show Resources:

Meet Helen – Click here!

Helen’s Yoest’s Facebook Page Gardening with Confidence – Click here!

Helen Yoest’s Blog – Click here!

Order Gardening with Confidence or Plants with Benefits – Click here!

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Survival Mom Radio Show: A strong start for any marriage with author Joyce Richardson

strong start for marriageMay 22, 2014: It isn’t often that Survival Mom, Lisa Bedford, delves into marital advice, but the fact is that stressful times increase conflict in marriage. Author Joyce Richardson has written a journal for engaged couples as well as newlyweds to help them establish not only a strong foundation for marriage but a deeper friendship with each other. Joyce discusses her book, Courtship Journal and Keepsake, and how it can be useful for couples, including those who have been married a while.

The book can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through the publisher, WestBow Press. Visit Joyce’s blog, Courtship Journal and Keepsake.