My Kale Kids: Rock Bottom Is a Beautiful Place

Episode 12 - J Brassington - Rock Bottom TestimonyAugust 12, 2014 – After recording last week’s episode about emotional eating, I realized the impact of our emotions on our eating habits and overall health. I am sharing my testimony this week to encourage others to do the same. Our past does NOT have to determine our future!

My Kale Kids: Emotional Eater

Jessica Brassington - Episode 11 - Emotional EaterAugust 5, 2014: Are you an emotional eater? Chances are, you may not even realize it! In this episode, I’ll share some ways to identify emotional eating as well as tips to prevent and overcome stress-induced overeating.

My Kale Kids: The 411 on Diet Trends & Terms

Episode10-Jessica Brassington - The 411on Diet Trends & TermsJuly 22, 2014 – If you’re like me, you want to hear the  main points of a topic and then you decide whether or not to look further into it. In this episode, I’ll give you a general overview of some of the terms you hear today, such as: GAPS, Gluten-Free, Paleo, The Zone, Vegan & Vegetarian.

My Kale Kids: 7 Mom Summer Survival & Travel Tips

JBrassington episode 7 Mom Summer Survival & Travel TipsJune 24, 2014: Traveling with kids in tow can make for a disaster when it comes to eating properly and eat away at your food budget. In this episode, I’ll share some ways to plan ahead to save time, money and stress while on vacation or running the family to and from activities and camps. I’ll also provide ideas for moms to avoid boredom snacking with a little planning and a few simple activities.