Surviving on Shoestrings: So You Want to Work from Home?

So you want to work from homeNovember 3, 2014: So you want to work from home? While working from home may sound like the ‘dream job’ or a great way to bring in some extra income, there are some do’s and don’ts that can make or break your experience and your success.

The planning and execution of the delicate balance your work from home structure and routine need a little more focus than you may have realized.  It’s not all about being able to stay in your pajamas all day and save on gas money.  There’s a world of things that can derail you if you don’t look out and tend to them.

Listen to this show to hear a few you may not have thought of yet!

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Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Herbalism, Wildcrafting, and Green Home Living

interview with laurie neverman lil suburban homestead with Karen LynnOctober 9, 2014:  Karen Lynn interviews Laurie Neverman Creator of  the blog Common Sense Homesteading and the two of them have so much to discuss and they quickly launch into a conversation herbalism, Laurie’s green home, and wildcrafting just to name a few!

Whether you are new to Homesteading or have been on this journey for a while Laurie’s no nonsense approach to homesteading, her beautiful blog, and her love of family and her willingness to share her knowledge with others will quickly engage you and you will want to get to know more about her and her blog!


About Laurie Neverman:

Laurie Neverman has a BS in Math/Physics and an MS in Mechanical Engineering.  She is a wife and mother with a passion for natural healing, homesteading and gardening.  She and her husband, August, homeschool their two boys. They live in rural northeast Wisconsin in a Wisconsin Green Built and Energy Star certified home.

The home has an array of “green” features, including:

  • Insulated Concrete Form construction
  • An Attached Greenhouse
  • Solar water heating and passive solar design
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials

Her interests also include herbalism, wildcrafting (using weeds for food and medicine), homebrewing and live culture foods.

You can connect with her at her website, Common Sense Homesteading, on Facebook at and Pinterest at

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Food Storage and Survival: 10 Things to Check before You Buy Your Survival Home

House for one familyAugust 27, 2014: Looking for a survival property?  Or maybe you just want to give your current location a survival checkup.  You don’t need a bunker in a secret location to have a prepared home.  In this episode we discuss some things you’ll want to consider to help decide on a new home or to give your current home a survival checkup!  Plus, September is National Preparedness Month and I give you a preview of some of the great events, contests, giveaways, and promotions that will be going on throughout the month!

Mentioned in the Show:

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Food Storage Made Easy 7 Day Challenge

10 Things to Check Before Buying Your Survival Home

Surviving on Shoestrings: Budget homeschooling

school-68931_640July 15, 2013: In this Episode, Donna is joined by her friend, fellow home-school mom and radio hostess Vickilynn Haycraft to discuss tips for Home-schooling on Shoestrings. If finances are a hurdle for you when thinking through home-school options, you’ll want to listen to this show for many free and low cost ideas and resources.

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Surviving on Shoestrings: Save & Organize Important Documents

sarxos_Simple_Folder_DocumentsJune 3, 2013: Donna is joined by Joyce Mosley Pierce of Prepared In Every Way to discuss the frugal (ok, practically free) joys of saving important documents to help you with peace of mind in the midst of chaotic times.  Joyce offers some free videos and great insights on being prepared – that can cost you next to nothing!

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Homekeeping Haven with Sylvia Britton

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Hello and welcome to my place here at The Survival Mom.

My name is Sylvia Britton and my new podcast is called Homekeeping Haven. I will be sylvia 2abringing you instruction, encouragement and information about homemaking, homesteading, gardening and more.

My heart is in helping women learn how to manage their homes by learning new and old-fashioned skills that will help them live economically and give them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Mark and I live in Tennessee and have been married since 1980. We are parents of 5 children and have educated our children at home since 1990. In 1996 I began my online adventure with the first homemaking website on the internet called The 20th Century Homekeeper™. Later I changed the name to The 21st Century Homekeeper™ and then finally Christian Homekeeper™.

I grew up in the country doing all those old-fashioned things that everyone wants to know how to do these days. I had the great blessing of being raised by a Mother and Grandmother who wanted to pass on all that knowledge and I’d like to pass it along to you.

Some of the things I’ll talk about on the Homekeeping Haven are gardening, all kinds of food preservation methods including canning, freezing, drying food, salting and smoking; herbs, essential oils, herbal remedies; babies and children; sewing and handwork, homemade everything; farm animals and their care, chickens, rabbits, storing real-whole foods, creating order and peace in your home, old-fashioned recipes and much, much more!

Join me here on Homekeeping Haven every Thursday for great information, interesting guests, useful ideas and lots of encouragement.

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*The views and opinions expressed on this program are not necessarily the views of this network, its management, sponsors, or other hosts. If you have comments or suggestions about this program, contact sylvia(at)christianhomekeeper(dot)org