Surviving on Shoestrings: 12 Tips to Outsmarting the Grocery Store Game

Surviving on  Shoestrings:  PicMonkey Collage Today I want to share with you my 12 Tips to Outsmarting the Grocery Store Game.  Did you know that grocery stores are in the business of making us shop?  There’s a lot of psychology behind why they do what they do.

Food network may have it’s own Grocery Game (with one of my favorite chef’s Guy Feiri) but it’s no fun when we don’t realize the game is being played on us while we shop in the local grocery store! We have become pretty dependent upon them for our food supply.

While I will always encourage growing as much food as you possibly can yourself, there’s no denying that we often have to shop at the grocery store.  But with these 12 Tips to Outsmarting the Grocery Store Game – you can avoid being ‘taken’ by the way the store is set up, the music they play, the ‘sales’ that aren’t sales and find ways to beat them at their own grocery game!

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Donna Miller

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