Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Interview with Deborah Jean of Deborah Jean’s Dandelion House

Interview with Deborah Jean at Deborah Jean's Dandelion HouseJune 19, 2014:  Karen Lynn interviews Deborah Jean of Deborah Jean’s Dandelion House this week and this show is packed full of information.  In this show you will learn why Deborah Jean started blogging and prepare to be inspired and to fall in love with her beautiful blog!

Karen Lynn and Deborah Jean touch on topics such as blogging, suburban homesteading, homeschooling, gardening, DIY projects and so much more!

Join in on the conversation and Deborah Jean supplied tons of great show notes and shares about her weekly blog hop and her writing  for Mary Janes Farm Magazine.


Show Resources:

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Deborah Jean’s Raised Beds 

Dandelion House on Pinterest

Upcycled Farm Pantry Reveal

The Trailer Park Homesteader: Container Gardening and Fertilizing Methods

container gardening picMay 22, 2014:  Today The Trailer Park Homesteader discusses container gardening and fertilizing methods to consider to ensure the success of your plants and vegetables. One of the best ways to grow vegetables if you have limited space, is through the use of containers. But how do you know what type of container to choose? And what types of fertilizing methods can you use? For new gardeners this can seem a bit confusing, but today Sharon helps to show you how simple it can be to grow your own food regardless of how much space you have to work with.

She’ll explore which soils are best to use such as using peat, bark, coir fiber (ground coconut hulls), and vermiculite. Next Sharon will discuss the environmental factors you’ll want to consider to maintain good plant health. Lastly she’ll dig into composting and how it can be done, even in small property homesteading. Container gardening is a great method for those of us who are growing in small spaces. Even if you live in an apartment or high-rise, there are ways to be able to grow your own food. Maybe it’s not the big garden you dream about, but it is a start and you can take pride in knowing that you are making efforts toward becoming more self-sufficient.

Join Sharon today and see if you might benefit from using any of her tips or suggestions.


Find More Info Here:

Container Gardening & Fertilizing Methods


The Trailer Park Homesteader: 5 Steps to Becoming More Self-Sufficient

More Self-SufficientMay 15, 2014: Sharon begins her first show by introducing you to her family and how they homestead in a trailer park. She explains certain challenges her family faced on their journey to become more self-sufficient and the steps they took to overcome these. Sharon also shares some of the mistakes she made when she first started out trying to homestead. Through persistence and hard work, her little homestead began to take shape.

Next she shares the first five steps her family took to becoming more self-sufficient including: making their own homemade products, growing their own food, preserving the food, simplifying where they could and looking into having different means of income.

Join Sharon today and see if you might benefit from using any of her tips or suggestions.

Find More Information Here: 5 Ways to Becoming More Self-Sufficient


Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Spring Gardening Preps & Gardening Tips

spring gardening preps with Karen Lynn and the VikingApril 17, 2014:  Join Karen Lynn for her show this week as her husband the Viking joins the show as a special guest and weighs in on important gardening topics such as “Soil Amendments, Composting, and Mulching” and add his own brand of humor to the show as well.

They will answer some questions from readers as well as weave in a story or two as the couple shares their struggles and successes with gardening on their ⅓ of an acre in suburbia.

 Show Resources:

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Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Get acquainted with Karen Lynn

LSH1-1-Graphic copyApril 3, 2014: Join Karen Lynn for her Premiere Show that will air every Thursday.  Today she will be sharing about how her family started on their own personal journey of homesteading and entered into a world filled with gardening, the building of their greenhouse,  beekeeping, and even making better decisions about nutrition.

In this episode Karen Lynn introduces her and her family to you, shares some of her personal stories of the pain of coping with illness, the excitement of the honey harvest, her love of herbs, and their initial struggles of gardening in a coastal sandy environment.

Show Resources:

Lil’ Suburban Homestead with KarenLynn

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Join Karen Lynn of  Lil” Suburban Homestead in the studio every Thursday and you will be sure to hear about her latest suburban homesteading adventures filled  with Do It Yourself, Beekeeping, Chicken Mama Ramblings, Prepared Pantry, and Gardening topics  just to name  a few.

Karen Lynn has been a blogger for Frugal as well as  featured  by From  Scratch Magazine , a Co-Host at the From The Farm Blog Hop, and a Homestead  Bloggers  Network Contributor  .

Her motto is…”If you have a home you’re a  homesteader!”

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The Mind to Homestead: Critter Proofing the Garden

The Mind to Homestead: Critter Proofing the Garden - Survival Moms Radio NetworkMarch 19, 2014: Gardening can be difficult enough to master without the assistance of gophers, moles, or other rodents, or even our own beloved pets. Critter proofing the garden before there is a problem gives you the best chance at success.

In this episode, Kristi shares how she keeps critters out of the garden from above and below.

Links mentioned:
How I Gopher-Proof My Gardens

The Mind to Homestead: All About Soil

The Mind to Homestead: All About Soil - Survival Moms Radio NetworkMarch 12, 2014:One of the first things in gardening that we ought to be focusing on learning is what is in your soil, what nutrients are in it, and how to nourish it so it nourishes your plants, which will in turn cause optimal fruiting conditions.

In this episode, Kristi shares about the three essential nutrients you need for your growing plants, how to test your soil for these nutrients, how to check your soil’s pH, and more.

Surviving on Shoestrings: A Secret Garden & A Secret Greenhouse

PicMonkey CollageFebruary 3, 2014:   Join us as Donna Miller interviews her friend Rick Austin, the The Survivalist Gardener. Rick has been featured on National Geographic Channel’s Doomsday Castle, the film: Beyond Off-Grid, and Mother Earth News.  He is the Author of Secret Garden of Survival- How to Grow a Camouflaged Food-Forest & Secret Greenhouse of Survival- How to Build the Ultimate Homestead & Prepper Greenhouse.

Rick discusses with Donna how these ways of gardening can help stretch what you have while you’re surviving on shoestrings!

This show sponsored by PREPARE Magazine & Millers Grain House

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