Survival Mom Radio Show: Holiday Budget Tips & Winterizing Your Home and Vehicle

November 25, 2014: Today Lisa has three guests: Steve and Annette Economides, known as America’s Cheapest Family and Ace Hardware’s Home Expert, Lou Manfredini

Steve and Annette discuss some of their best tips for saving money around the holidays, including tracking down loose change! Lou shares tips for winterizing your home and vehicle. In particular, he shares brand names of products that can help keep your home warmer and free of drafts.

Surviving on Shoestrings: Gasoline savings tips


June 10, 2013: You may not be able to buy a new fuel efficient vehicle but you can change your driving and car care habits for free and keep the gas guzzling at bay.  Listen to this episode and learn a few tips.  Donna shares some ideas and tips (and admits some bad habits that she needs to change.) By just employing 3 or 4 of these tips and strategies, you’ll save about 50% on a typical gas expense.  Employ them all and really see that expense slashed!

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