The Trailer Park Homesteader: Homemade Cleaning Products

homemade cleanersMay 29, 2014:   Homemade Cleaning Products:

There are tons of products that can be made at home that are not only natural, but are very effective as well. They do not contain toxic chemicals or dangerous fumes and are completely safe. If you have children, pets, or someone in your home that might has allergies or is sensitive to perfumes; these products are the way to go. Join Sharon as she discusses the different  types of cleaning products you can actually make yourself at home. She also talks about the staple items that are most commonly used in making homemade cleaning products and shares information regarding their effectiveness. As a bonus, Sharon shares two of her favorite recipes that she uses in her own home as well.


Join Sharon today and see if you might benefit from using any of her tips or suggestions.


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Sharon Pannell, The Trailer Park Homesteader

Homekeeping Haven: Economics 101


money goldOctober 3, 2013: Economics 101- Sylvia talks about the economy and gives you a primer on what inflation is, how it effects a nation and a household, what has happened in other countries this year and explains how inflation shows up in your bank account and household budget. She explains why investment in gold and silver is a good idea for everyone and gives some tips for surviving hyper-inflation.

Homekeeping Haven: Preparing for a bad economy

pumpkin-butter-canned-300x200September 26, 2013: On this week’s Homekeeping Haven, Sylvia shares practical ideas for preparing your family to face a bad economy and ideas for saving money right now. She explains how her family has saved money over the past 33 years and has managed to home educate, send 4 to college and live on one modest income.


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Mountain Woman Journals: Embrace simple & frugal living

Mountain Woman Journals - Frugal Off-grid Solar LivingJuly 3, 2013: Today’s show I discuss a bit more on the idea of how to approach or embrace homesteading, simple living and the frugal thought process.  I offer you several steps to take to start the ball rolling and to get you preparing to be “Blessed with Less”.  Be sure to join my Mountain Woman Rendezvous and be sure to check out my instructional videos on YouTube.

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