Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Herbalism, Wildcrafting, and Green Home Living

interview with laurie neverman lil suburban homestead with Karen LynnOctober 9, 2014:  Karen Lynn interviews Laurie Neverman Creator of  the blog Common Sense Homesteading and the two of them have so much to discuss and they quickly launch into a conversation herbalism, Laurie’s green home, and wildcrafting just to name a few!

Whether you are new to Homesteading or have been on this journey for a while Laurie’s no nonsense approach to homesteading, her beautiful blog, and her love of family and her willingness to share her knowledge with others will quickly engage you and you will want to get to know more about her and her blog!


About Laurie Neverman:

Laurie Neverman has a BS in Math/Physics and an MS in Mechanical Engineering.  She is a wife and mother with a passion for natural healing, homesteading and gardening.  She and her husband, August, homeschool their two boys. They live in rural northeast Wisconsin in a Wisconsin Green Built and Energy Star certified home.

The home has an array of “green” features, including:

  • Insulated Concrete Form construction
  • An Attached Greenhouse
  • Solar water heating and passive solar design
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials

Her interests also include herbalism, wildcrafting (using weeds for food and medicine), homebrewing and live culture foods.

You can connect with her at her website, Common Sense Homesteading, on Facebook at and Pinterest at

Have an idea or question for Karen Lynn email her at [email protected]

Aren’t you glad you listen?




Pioneering Today – Spring Foraging

IMG_0704March 21, 2014: Learning to forage can greatly reduce your grocery bill and increase your self-
sufficiency. In today’s episode we’ll discuss:

  • Spring foraging candidates
  • Why you should forage
  • How to forage morel mushrooms
  • When and where you can find morels
  • Safe picking techniques
  • How to safely prepare morels
  • Medicinal benefits of Nettles
  • How to forage nettle leaf
  • How to dry nettle leafs
  • How to make nettle leaf tea and infusions


How  toForage Morel Mushroom (has the link to the false morel)

Morel and Asparagus Quiche

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Mountain Woman Journals: Off-the-grid and storing, foraging, and preserving food

June 26, 2013: In today’s show I discuss a bit more on off-grid living and we will talk about food storage, harvesting, foraging and preservation.  We also discuss some steps to starting to think out of the box and towards a more frugal, self sustaining and prepared lifestyle.  Be sure to join my Mountain Woman Rendezvous and be sure to check out my instructional videos on YouTube.

Here are some links to the resources that I mentioned in my show today:
Camping Survival for all your outdoor needs