Trailer Park Homesteader: Long-Term Food Storage & Preservation

Sharon Pannell_Ep#9_longtermfood_PicJuly 10, 2014:  In this episode, Sharon discusses six different methods for food storage and preservation. These include frozen, dehydrated, freeze dried, canned, home canning, and dry good storage. She also gives tips and hints to help in your long term food storage and tools that will help to assist you in preserving food long-
term. Sharon also explains how to use Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers for storing food and where you can find these and the other items you’ll need to get started.

Mentioned on the show:

Dehydrating Food with an Oven

Shelf Life Studies for Canned Goods

Health Benefits of Dehydrated Foods

How to Dehydrate Meat

Find More Information:

Long-term Food Storage Methods

All About Home Canning

Make Your Own MRE’s

Tools to Help:

Nesco FD-37A Food Dehydrator

Mylar Bags & Oxygen Absorbers

P51 Manual Can Openers

Surviving on Shoestrings: Stock Up Food!

Surviving on Shoestrings: Jason Barron GuestJune 30, 2014: “Stock up Food! Stock up Food! Stock up Food!” It’s the mantra of so many people who feel the need to prepare for the future. But just how do we keep track of all that stocked up food? So many of the food calculators/trackers and formulas irritated me for so long because they just did not suit the way our family ate.  Enter: This was and still is the most user-friendly website I had ever seen to stock up food.  It became a great tool for us just prior to having to live out of our own food storage. I have shared this link with countless hundreds of folks since I first began using the website.  No, I am not an affiliate nor do I make an income from this… I just really like this site and it’s FREE.

I have the joy of interviewing Jason Barron, the CEO and founder of You’ll be so interested in how this site works, but even better, you’ll love the mission and message behind why Jason created it to begin with. Not only that, but there is a code at the end of the show for you to have a lifetime of savings while you build up to a year’s supply of food.

Best Blessings & EnJOY the show,

Donna Miller

This show is sponsored by Millers Grain House & PREPARE Magazine

Survival Mom Radio Show: 7 Common Sense Reasons to Store Food

moveablefoodstorage[1]June 19, 2014:  Why should you consider storing up some extra food? Isn’t that something that only Mormons do? It’s a little odd to be doing that when the grocery store is just a mile away, right? In this episode, Lisa shares 7 common sense reasons why every family should have at least 30 days worth of extra food stored, and she gives tips for keeping that food fresh, long term.


Survival Mom by Lisa Bedford

Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency and Survival by Angela Paskett

The Trailer Park Homesteader: 5 Steps to Becoming More Self-Sufficient

More Self-SufficientMay 15, 2014: Sharon begins her first show by introducing you to her family and how they homestead in a trailer park. She explains certain challenges her family faced on their journey to become more self-sufficient and the steps they took to overcome these. Sharon also shares some of the mistakes she made when she first started out trying to homestead. Through persistence and hard work, her little homestead began to take shape.

Next she shares the first five steps her family took to becoming more self-sufficient including: making their own homemade products, growing their own food, preserving the food, simplifying where they could and looking into having different means of income.

Join Sharon today and see if you might benefit from using any of her tips or suggestions.

Find More Information Here: 5 Ways to Becoming More Self-Sufficient


Real Food Living: Dehydrated foods for everyday


jenOctober 4, 2013: Vickilynn is joined by preparedness and disaster worker and teacher Jennifer Elswick who has a passion for helping people, especially with food storage. Jennifer shares how to help ourselves and others in need and the why and how of using Thrive foods for storage PLUS for every day use.

For more information plus links, please visit Vickilynn’s Show Notes page.

Survival Mom Radio Hour: Cover Your Bases for a Collapse

5925429619_54aa953058June 20, 2013: Could an Argentinian style economic collapse ever happen here in America? Lisa addresses this question and gives advice for covering the basics in order to be prepared, either way: water storage, a back-up cooking system, cash on hand, and food storage tips. She includes, “The Top 10 Foods NOT to Store!”

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