Pioneering Today: Creating a Budget

podcastbudgetAugust 29, 2014 – Tips for creating a budget if you’re tired of stressing on money. Plus, money saving tips to help now and help you up your preparedness game.

Surviving on Shoestrings: Banking Collapse

Surviving on Shoestrings: Gold ChartMarch 25, 2014 – Hi! I’m Donna Miller, and today, I have with me, John & Monica Miller. They are a middle class couple, who were living in Hawaii, moved their savings & investments to NZ & Australia, in anticipation of probable U.S. dollar devaluation. Should we need to be preparing for a banking collapse? That’s likely.

Their books which can be found on their website ( were written to help other concerned Americans living in the US, to do the same, before the banking holiday happens.

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Surviving on Shoestrings: When tight times affect your kids

SOS_Sad_girlJuly 1, 2013: When tight times affect your family how does it affect your kids?

When struggling with finances, Donna shares some personal experiences of what to do and what NOT to do when kids are involved during the trying times.  There are some funny and some poignant topics when dealing with kids from infant to adulthood. This is a parenting tip show – because you never know when you’ll be the family that is Surviving on Shoestrings.

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