Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Engaging Our Children with Homesteading Literature

chickenandthedogNov. 6, 2014:  Karen Lynn interviews Amanda Maxwell Co-Author of The Chicken and The Dog and reminds you that it is the Holiday Shopping Season!  Karen Lynn discusses how important it is to engage children with homesteading literature and how she always feels good about sharing the gift of books.  In particular she love sharing books with her young nieces and even her own children as they were growing up especially literature that engages children that discusses homesteading and sustainable living!

The two of them discuss how engaging Amanda’s series of books are to children and bringing the “Farm To Table” concept to young children and what it’s really like!

It’s exciting to connect children with chickens on the Suburban Homestead!

Show Resources:

Check out Amanda’s site for her books The Chicken and the Dog – Click Here! 

The Chicken and  the Dog Activities For Children – Click here!

Newly expanded The Chicken and theDog Merchandise for the Holidays – Click here! 


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Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Interview with Kat at Simply Living Simply

kat at simply living simply -lil' suburban homestead with Karen LynnJuly 24, 2014:   Join Karen Lynn this week as she interviews her fellow blogging friend and homesteader Kat at Simply Living Simply.  Kat will share with all of you about her journey into homesteading, how she started learning about essential oils, and her and her family’s homesteading journey!
Kat believes in second chances and will share her and her family’s story, her blog, and life including essential oils and how much she loves them and believes in them in this show!
You will definitely not want to miss it!
Show Resources:
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PheMOMenal Life Matters: I Need Some Help Here! Interview with Kathi Lipp

Episode 6 Kathi Lipp 3June 20, 2014:  In today’s episode Coach Paula will be talking with one of her favorite Authors, Kathi Lipp! Kathi is a sought after speaker and writer and she will be sharing with us today, the latest book she has written called “I Need Some Help Here! Hope- for When Your Kids Don’t Go According to Plan”.

She discusses the joys and the heart-ache of parenting, but more importantly what you can DO about it!  I hope you enjoy this as much as me!

Food Storage & Survival: 7 Tips for Keeping Your Family Together in an Emergency

FSS episode 56 imageJune 18, 2014: What if an emergency happens and your family isn’t all together? Or you become separated in the aftermath? In this episode I share seven tips to help better your odds of keeping your family together in an emergency! Plus a little about the benefits of getting to preparedness events.

Mentioned in the show:

Summer of Survival

Preparedness Events

What’s Your Threat?

Surviving on Shoestrings: When adult children move back home

AdultChildrenMoveBackHomeAugust 5, 2013: Just when you thought the nest was empty – a fledgling lands back on the doorstep.  More and more young adults are finding that it’s become harder to find work after college and thus they move back home.  There is a lot of adjusting from both sides (the parent and the now adult children) that is required to make this work.  The Boomerang Generation has challenges of their own while their parents face another adult in the house.  Listen to hear some ideas to avoid tension and save relationships when the adult children move back home.

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Surviving on Shoestrings: When tight times affect your kids

SOS_Sad_girlJuly 1, 2013: When tight times affect your family how does it affect your kids?

When struggling with finances, Donna shares some personal experiences of what to do and what NOT to do when kids are involved during the trying times.  There are some funny and some poignant topics when dealing with kids from infant to adulthood. This is a parenting tip show – because you never know when you’ll be the family that is Surviving on Shoestrings.

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