Essential Survival Show: Why Antidepressants are NOT the Answer for Depression & Mental Illness

Depression medicineApril 8, 2014:  Today Julie talks about the recent shooting at Ft. Hood and how the shooter was using antidepressant drugs just as over 90% of people who engage in these types of violent acts.  She discusses the 3 Major Causes of Depression and how to help with them, as well as how antidepressants can actually cause suicidal and homicidal thoughts and actions.

If you or someone you love struggles with depression or mental illness, we hope that Julie’s experiences can be of help to you in finding real answers to these debilitating problems.

Essential Survival: Interview with Preparedness Expert, Donna Miller

Donna MillerApril 1, 2014: On today’s episode of The Essential Survival Radio Show, Julie interviews Donna Miller of PREPARE Magazine and Miller Grain House about her move to a country homestead in North Carolina, her experiences with preparedness over the last 25+ years, homeschooling children with a focus on self-sufficiency, cooking with whole grains and alternative grains, and more!

Donna’s fun personality combined with her vast experience in preparedness and self-sufficiency make her someone to follow if you are interested in preparedness!

Her websites are as follows:

Our Move to the Bug-Out –

Our Prepardeness Journey YouTube Channel –

Millers Grain House –
Millers Grain House YouTube Channel –

PREPARE Magazine –

Preparedness Retreats –

Surviving on Shoestrings –

Essential Survival Show: Preparedness Basics with Lisa Bedford, the “Survival Mom”

Preparedness March 25, 2014:  On today’s episode of The Essential Survival Radio Show, Julie interviews special guest Lisa Bedford, the “Survival Mom”, about her path to becoming interested in preparedness.  Lisa also shares her Top 3 Tips for Newbie Preppers.

If you are new with preparedness or haven’t taken as many steps as you would like on your path to preparedness for natural and economic disaster, listen to today’s show and get some ideas for what is next for you!

Lisa Bedford is the author of the highly-acclaimed book Survival Mom:  How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters & Worst-Case Scenarios.   Check out her top-rated website at

Lisa Bedford

Essential Survival Show: Using Herbs for Balanced Hormones

balanced hormones womenFebruary 11, 2014:  In this episode of the Essential Survival Radio Show, Julie interviews Master Herbalist Rebecca Potter about her experience using certain herbs to help balance the hormones.  Rebecca discusses her tips and strategies to help women, in particular, achieve better health through healthy hormone levels with herbs.

Real Food Living: Healing Auto-Immune Disease

Essential Survival BookNovember 22, 2013: Join Vickilynn and her guest, Julie Behling-Hovdal of Essential Survival as they discuss natural, herbal and essential oil treatments for auto-immune disease.

Essential Survival: Vaccine Truth, Part 2 of 2

vaccineSeptember 3, 2013:  In this episode of the Essential Survival Radio Show, Julie continues her thoughts on vaccines and their potential dangers.

Essential Survival: Vaccine Truth, part 1 of 2

vaccineAugust 27, 2013: In this episode of The Essential Survival Radio Show, Julie shares some of the potential adverse reactions and issues associated with vaccines that are recommended and pushed on our nation’s children.

Essential Survival: Natural Skin Care with Herbs & Essential Oils

natural skincareJuly 23, 2013: In this episode of the Essential Survival Radio Show, Julie discusses natural skin care with herbs and essential oils with Master Herbalist Rebecca Potter!