Surviving on Shoestrings: Cell Phone SOS – ICE My Phone


My guest, Laura Greenwald has launched the “ICE My Phone Campaign”.  She is on a campaign to help you!  Best of all it’s FREE, easy and FUN way to make sure someone can help on your behalf if you are not capable.  Better yet, it’s a way you can encourage your loved ones to set up their phones (for FREE) to help them in times of trouble.

SOS-ICESurviving on Shoestrings has created this graphic  to help make your ICE contacts easily noticed by any emergency personnel and/or Good Samaritan who may be helping you in a time of trouble.  Click here for your FREE Kit with instructions to download this image (or other images) that helps identify people in your contacts list as ICE contacts.  Laura & I hope you will use this image and the vital information she shares in the interview in order to get in touch with family and friends and be as safe as possible in an emergency.

The ICE My Phone Campaign is just one of many endeavors of my friend, Laura.  She and her mother have been on a painful journey that has brought about much fruit in order to help others hopefully avoid similar pain.  It’s a true testament to someone when they can turn a tragedy into a driving force to help others triumph.   Please be sure to visit her websites at Get Your Stuff Together  & The Back Up Plan  for more great, free resources and to find her books.

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