Homekeeping Haven: Economics 101


money goldOctober 3, 2013: Economics 101- Sylvia talks about the economy and gives you a primer on what inflation is, how it effects a nation and a household, what has happened in other countries this year and explains how inflation shows up in your bank account and household budget. She explains why investment in gold and silver is a good idea for everyone and gives some tips for surviving hyper-inflation.

Homekeeping Haven: Preparing for a bad economy

pumpkin-butter-canned-300x200September 26, 2013: On this week’s Homekeeping Haven, Sylvia shares practical ideas for preparing your family to face a bad economy and ideas for saving money right now. She explains how her family has saved money over the past 33 years and has managed to home educate, send 4 to college and live on one modest income.


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