Essential Survival: Interview with Preparedness Expert, Donna Miller

Donna MillerApril 1, 2014: On today’s episode of The Essential Survival Radio Show, Julie interviews Donna Miller of PREPARE Magazine and Miller Grain House about her move to a country homestead in North Carolina, her experiences with preparedness over the last 25+ years, homeschooling children with a focus on self-sufficiency, cooking with whole grains and alternative grains, and more!

Donna’s fun personality combined with her vast experience in preparedness and self-sufficiency make her someone to follow if you are interested in preparedness!

Her websites are as follows:

Our Move to the Bug-Out –

Our Prepardeness Journey YouTube Channel –

Millers Grain House –
Millers Grain House YouTube Channel –

PREPARE Magazine –

Preparedness Retreats –

Surviving on Shoestrings –

Surviving on Shoestrings: Eustace Conway of Turtle Island Preserve

Eustace Drives BuggyMarch 3, 2014: I am so thrilled to be talking with my special guests Eustace Conway and Desere from Turtle Island Preserve as my very special guests for this episode. I have had the opportunity to speak with each of them on many occasions but this is their first appearance here on Surviving On Shoestrings!

Some of you may know of Eustace from the History Channel Series: “Mountain Men” or perhaps as the focus of the book, The Last American Man, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Both are simply extra decorations to what the roots of his life: Helping people connect with real, natural life!

Please help someone attend camp this year by supporting TIP’s Online Scholarship Efforts: Donate Online Here

Or email: [email protected] or call: (828) 265-2267(828) 265-2267

An upcoming event at Turtle Island Preserve that you may enjoy is “Families Learning Together” on April 26th. I’ll get see you there too! Hope you make it!

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Surviving on Shoestrings: Kitchen Stretching Tips & The Pride of Poverty

Surviving on Shoestring: poverty by us countyFebruary 17, 2014:  In this episode of Surviving on Shoestrings, Donna goes through some ideas to help your budget by stretching things in the kitchen.  For more helpful tips in the kitchen, check out Donna’s Blog HERE.  If it’s not up there yet, it will be!  Sign up for the Newsletter while you’re there too!

Then the last half of the show, she’ll wax philosophical and talk about the Pride of Poverty.  It’s a two edged sword. No matter if you are the one dealing with poverty or you know someone who is, there are ways to deal with the pride that is perceived from both sides.

This show sponsored by PREPARE Magazine & Millers Grain House

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Food Storage & Survival: Interview with Donna Miller

mewithmuffinsFebruary 5, 2014: This week I get to chat with the fabulous Donna Miller. Donna is the host of Surviving on Shoestrings (link to donna’s show here) here on the Survival Mom Radio Network. We cover a variety of topics from wanting to live on a deserted island, to helping others prepare, to her upcoming Preparedness Retreat in Mariana, Florida, happening February 21-23, 2014.

Mentioned in the Show:

Preparedness Retreat Center

Preparedness Retreat Center on Facebook

Miller’s Grain House

Prepare Magazine

Surviving on Shoestrings: A Secret Garden & A Secret Greenhouse

PicMonkey CollageFebruary 3, 2014:   Join us as Donna Miller interviews her friend Rick Austin, the The Survivalist Gardener. Rick has been featured on National Geographic Channel’s Doomsday Castle, the film: Beyond Off-Grid, and Mother Earth News.  He is the Author of Secret Garden of Survival- How to Grow a Camouflaged Food-Forest & Secret Greenhouse of Survival- How to Build the Ultimate Homestead & Prepper Greenhouse.

Rick discusses with Donna how these ways of gardening can help stretch what you have while you’re surviving on shoestrings!

This show sponsored by PREPARE Magazine & Millers Grain House

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Surviving on Shoestrings: 2013 in the Bug-Out Cabin on to 2014

A year in the Bug-out

A year in the Bug-out

January 6, 2014:  Join Donna Miller as she recaps 2013 – the first full year in the Bug-Out cabin (now home).  It’s been a wild ride!  Also a word for setting resolutions for the New Year and Donna reads a letter from a listener encouraging Mom’s with some truly frugal advice.

Have a topic a guest or just something to share? Email Donna at:  [email protected]


This show is sponsored by Millers Grain House & PREPARE Magazine


Mountain Woman Journals: Interview with Donna Miller

mewithmuffinsDecember 18, 2013: In today’s show I have the honor of interviewing our very own Donna Miller with the Surviving on a Shoestring show right here on the Survival Mom Radio Network, of and   Donna has SO much to share that I know you will all enjoy.  Below you will find all her references and ways of getting in touch with her.   Be sure to look forward to her return to my show in January.

Donna Miller – Surviving on a Shoestring

Miller’s Grain House

Frontier Christian University

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Here are some links to the resources that I mentioned in my show today:

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Surviving on Shoestrings: Couponing Made Easy

Couponing ConfusionOn this episode of Surviving on Shoestrings, Donna Miller talks with the creator of a tool that she’s used for YEARS! If couponing ever confused or overwhelmed you, you may like this free website!
 Jenny Martin is the writer behind, one of the leading frugal living websites in the South. Her goal is to teach a purposeful, relaxed approach to saving money on almost everything you buy. As a mom of four little girls eight and under, Jenny’s focus is on finding ways to coupon, deal hunt, and shop in the quickest, most time conserving manner – that way you can get back to what’s truly important, like playing games and coloring with the kids!This show sponsored by PREPARE Magazine & Millers Grain HouseSurviving on Shoestrings FacebookNext week – Ideas for lowering stress when times get tough….Email Donna with ideas and suggestions at:  [email protected]



Surviving on Shoestrings: Dumpster Diving

dumpster-CC-okayedJune 24, 2013: Really? Dumpster diving? Would anyone do that?  Yes, and it can be done without disgrace.  If you have a better phrase by which to name this activity of gleaning from other’s ‘trash’– please leave a comment or send an email!  We may update with a more appropriate phrase you suggest on a future episode!

Donna’s food stretching videos at:
For suggestions and questions feel free to email Donna at: [email protected]