Know Your Food: CrossFit and the Traditional Food Lifestyle

CrossFit Traditional Foods GNOWFGLINS mainOctober 15, 2014 – CrossFit is taking the world by storm! Is it a modern craze or is there something deeper — even traditional — about it? Join me and Nathan Brammeier, blogger/podcaster at and owner of a CrossFit gym, as we get to the bottom of it. We’ll discuss what CrossFit is, why you might consider it for your own exercise program, how to get started, and even a look at the popular Paleo diet among CrossFitters. Plus… the tip of the week! Links and more at the show notes:

My Kale Kids: The 411 on Diet Trends & Terms

Episode10-Jessica Brassington - The 411on Diet Trends & TermsJuly 22, 2014 – If you’re like me, you want to hear the  main points of a topic and then you decide whether or not to look further into it. In this episode, I’ll give you a general overview of some of the terms you hear today, such as: GAPS, Gluten-Free, Paleo, The Zone, Vegan & Vegetarian.

Essential Survival Show: Healing from Chronic Illness Through Diet with Melanie Hobby

Melanie before and after 4July 15, 2014:  Today Julie interviews an old friend, Melanie Hobby.  When she was just 17 years old, Melanie was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  Years later, Melanie began seeking out answers for her health and began to experiment with diet.  Today Melanie is free of Crohn’s Disease and loves to help inspire others experiencing chronic illness to make the lifestyle changes necessary for healing!

You can find Melanie on Facebook and Twitter.

Know Your Food: Listener Questions

know-your-food-questionsJuly 2, 2014:    In this episode of Know Your Food with Wardee, I’m taking listener questions, including:

  • the difference between gelatin and collagen
  • how much kefir is too much
  • when is a traditional diet not enough and GAPS needed instead
  • how to get one’s spouse on board with traditional foods

Surviving on Shoestrings: Change your diet to save money!

CookingForLifeSeptember 30, 2013:  In this episode, Host Donna Miller talks with author and speaker, Laura Tessler about healthy food on a slim budget.  Laura shares her expertise and ideas for helping kids transition to healthier choices, the REAL cost of our food choices and more. We can truly save money if we change our diet.

Laura’s  seminars include such topics as, “Your Kitchen – Health Insurance or Health Hazard?” She co-authored a cookbook, Cooking For Life, with her husband Gordon.  She works alongside her husband educating others how to live healthier lives.  They challenge everyone to apply God’s wisdom as the foundation for emotional, mental, and physical wellness.

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