The Canning Diva: Easy Tomatoes and Spaghetti Sauce

Easy Tomatoes & Spaghetti SauceSeptember 19, 2014 – The Canning Diva® embodies all things food preservation and is happy to share with you two recipes using a fall favorite, the tomato!  The many health benefits, liquidity and meals you may create using these two recipes are definitely a staple to have on hand in times of disaster…or when you simply need to stretch your food budget.  Learn how to create these delicious tomato-based combos in this fun segment with The Canning Diva®!

The Canning Diva: Cooking with a Well Rounded Food Arsenal

Cooking with A Well Rounded Food ArsenalSeptember 12, 2014 – The Canning Diva® may be known for home canning but she utilizes all forms of food preservation to keep her family prepared and fed in the event of a disaster.  In this segment she shares with you the important of having a well-rounded food supply using a variety of preservation methods.  Learn how to create delicious meals using freeze dried goods while incorporating home canned, dehydrated and traditional dry-stored foods in this fun segment with The Canning Diva®!  She shares how to make her Tex-Mex Chicken Dinner and Mexican Rice with Tomatoes.

The Canning Diva: All Things Blueberry

blueberriesSeptember 5, 2014 – Learn how to use and preserve the delicious, and healthy, blueberry in this fun episode with The Canning Diva®!  She shares two easy recipes and their many uses all geared around the blueberry.  Blueberry Pie Filing and Blueberry Lime Jam are yours for the making!  You will be surprised at how easy and versatile this yummy berry can be and how having it on hand will provide delicious comfort when the going gets rough!

The Canning Diva: FAQ Your Canning Questions Answered Part 1

FAQ Your Canning Questions Answered Part 1June 27, 2014: Ever have a canning and preserving question burning on your mind but were too concerned your question may be trite or silly, therefore you forego asking?  Well, no question is a dumb question – especially when learning the skill and art of home canning and preserving.  In this segment, The Canning Diva® answers you questions submitted via Facebook, direct emails and various online posts.  The best way to learn how to master a skill is to ask questions which shed light on the topic and lend way to gaining more experience.  Enjoy this informative segment with The Canning Diva®, and who knows, your very question may be answered here today!