Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Suburban Off-Grid Cooking & A Recap of my Survival Mom Radio Network Favorite Moments

lshoffgridcooking_smrsrecapNovember 27, 2014:  Karen Lynn wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving and shares about  her Suburban Off-Grid Cooking experience with her All American Sun Oven and the recipes she has made with the oven and gives a product review on this product as well from her perspective and how she plans to use this oven and going forward her plans with the sun oven.  Living in an area that experiences hurricanes and freak ice storms she has appreciated the multi-use of this product.

The second half of the show she shares a recap of some of her favorite moments on The Survival Mom Radio Network and you have to listen to this there will be links to the show notes to these particular shows!

This is Karen Lynn’s final show on The Survival Mom Radio Network but instead of saying goodbye she says “Until next time” and next time is next week on Dec. 2nd  at 9pm Eastern a live show on her premiere show at Prepper Broadcasting Network!

She also just had her premiere live streaming show on Around The Cabin which airs every other Monday at 8pm eastern time!   Which is interactive from the chat room.

Both shows on Around The Cabin and the Prepper Broadcasting Network is that shows will all be archived for future viewing and listening!  Also don’t forget that all of Karen Lynn’s shows that have aired on The Survival Mom Radio Network will be on Itunes and Podcast Republic for download for the future!

Show Resources:

My Radio Show is Moving!

The Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 1

The Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 2

The Sububan Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 3 – Roasted Apples with Honey, Cardamom, Ginger & Nutmeg (Coming Soon)

All American Christmas Combo Coupon Code

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Interview with Canadian Budget

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The Trailer Park Homesteader: Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas

Ep22_quickandeasydinner_SharonPannell_showimageOctober 9, 2014 – Today Sharon is sharing a few different, but quick and easy dinner ideas with her listeners. First up is a dish she grew up with that her mother called German Hot Dish. The second recipe is kielbasa, potatoes, and steamed biscuit’s. This dinner is a bit different, but it is also super simple and delicious. Next Sharon shares a recipe for smothered chicken and rice. This one-pan dish is easy to throw together and your family will think that you spent a lot of time on this meal. Lastly, Sharon talks about making mini-meat loaves and how using a muffin pan will help you to save a lot of time!


Mentioned on the Show:

Christy Jordan’s Southern Plate Show

Southern Plate Website

Visit: The Trailer Park Homesteader to find these recipes.


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The Canning Diva: Cooking with a Well Rounded Food Arsenal

Cooking with A Well Rounded Food ArsenalSeptember 12, 2014 – The Canning Diva® may be known for home canning but she utilizes all forms of food preservation to keep her family prepared and fed in the event of a disaster.  In this segment she shares with you the important of having a well-rounded food supply using a variety of preservation methods.  Learn how to create delicious meals using freeze dried goods while incorporating home canned, dehydrated and traditional dry-stored foods in this fun segment with The Canning Diva®!  She shares how to make her Tex-Mex Chicken Dinner and Mexican Rice with Tomatoes.

Survival Mom Radio Show: Christy Jordan of Southern Plate

bed35c1bef4c0ad8976fce.L._V186023886_SX200_August 26, 2014: Christy Jordan of Southern Plate joins Lisa to discuss her cookbooks, favorite recipes, and her upcoming podcast on The Survival Mom Radio Network. She’ll be hosting a weekly show each Monday.


Come Home to Supper by Christy Jordan

Southern Plate by Christy Jordan

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Dutch Oven Enchiladas

AustralianAugust 25, 2014 – This week Charley shares how she can continue learning to cook with cast iron dutch ovens without using an open fire or charcoal. She’s sharing a recipe for Dutch Oven Enchiladas and teaching you how to make them using a propane stove.

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Off-Grid Cooking During Wildfire Season

off grid cookingJuly 14, 2014: This week Charley talks about emergency, off grid cooking during the worst season of all­, Fire Season! She explains what fire season is, discusses the pros and cons of alternative, non fire or charcoal cooking options and shares 2 new recipes.

Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Hostess With The Mostess

 hostess with the mostessMay 29, 2014:   Join Karen Lynn for her show this week as she discusses with all of you how you can be    the   “Hostess With The Mostess'” and also shares the impact of the emotional outpouring of love that folks  feel from the simple act of cooking and sharing during times of loss and hardship.  Don’t enjoy cooking or  like to cook at all?  Karen Lynn has some  tips  for you too!

 Whether you love making homemade donuts or would rather eat a delicious home-made fish stew Karen    Lynn has included something in this show for every Host and Hostess to try, mull over her musings, or    enjoy!

 Karen Lynn will share with you recipes that are available in your pantry right now as well as some of her favorite cook book and books on the topic of frugality that may be useful for you.

Show Resources:

Every Meal Can Be A Feast

It’s All In Your Pantry Donuts

Kosmic Karen’s Sweet Pepper Mustard

Friends, Family, Faith, Fellowship & Freezer Meals

Cajun Fish Stew & You Have To See This Puffer Fish

Homemade English Muffin Bread


Recommended Books:

The Complete Tightwad Gazette

Gift It From Scratch

Frugal Luxuries

Homemade Holiday Recipes:  80+ Recipes For Home Cooked Holiday Magic


Questions or have an idea for a show?  Contact Karen Lynn at [email protected]


Homekeeping Haven with Sylvia Britton

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Hello and welcome to my place here at The Survival Mom.

My name is Sylvia Britton and my new podcast is called Homekeeping Haven. I will be sylvia 2abringing you instruction, encouragement and information about homemaking, homesteading, gardening and more.

My heart is in helping women learn how to manage their homes by learning new and old-fashioned skills that will help them live economically and give them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Mark and I live in Tennessee and have been married since 1980. We are parents of 5 children and have educated our children at home since 1990. In 1996 I began my online adventure with the first homemaking website on the internet called The 20th Century Homekeeper™. Later I changed the name to The 21st Century Homekeeper™ and then finally Christian Homekeeper™.

I grew up in the country doing all those old-fashioned things that everyone wants to know how to do these days. I had the great blessing of being raised by a Mother and Grandmother who wanted to pass on all that knowledge and I’d like to pass it along to you.

Some of the things I’ll talk about on the Homekeeping Haven are gardening, all kinds of food preservation methods including canning, freezing, drying food, salting and smoking; herbs, essential oils, herbal remedies; babies and children; sewing and handwork, homemade everything; farm animals and their care, chickens, rabbits, storing real-whole foods, creating order and peace in your home, old-fashioned recipes and much, much more!

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