Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Winter Ready Car

Winter ReadyOctober 13, 2014 – Charley is busy getting her car Winter ready this week, so she’s sharing what things she makes sure are in her car with you. Also, she reviews a Deluxe Auto Emergency Combo from Emergency Essentials, so listen for her thoughts and recommendations.

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: 4 Ways to Preserve Pumpkin & 3 Recipes to Use It In

Preserve PumpkinSeptember 29, 2014: It’s Fall and pumpkin everything is taking over! In this show, Charley shares with you 4 ways to preserve pumpkin and gives you 3 recipes to use your homemade pumpkin puree in.

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Emergency Preparedness Planning 101

Nitro-PakSeptember 22, 2014 – This week, Charley shares some quick and easy ideas to get you started with your Emergency Preparedness Planning. She also reviews the Executive 2-person 72-hour kit from Nitro-Pak and shares her thoughts on it with you.

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: 10 Ways to Use Up Apples

DSC_0095September 15, 2014 – Charley continues her apple theme this week and shares even more ideas for using up Fall apples. She also shares her favorite recipe for making crockpot apple butter!

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Dutch Oven Enchiladas

AustralianAugust 25, 2014 – This week Charley shares how she can continue learning to cook with cast iron dutch ovens without using an open fire or charcoal. She’s sharing a recipe for Dutch Oven Enchiladas and teaching you how to make them using a propane stove.

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Are You Ready for an Evacuation?

DSC_0002August 4, 2014: We might have to leave our homes in the blink of an eye, but are you ready? Do you have a plan in place to get you out fast? This week, Charley shares her top 10 tips to help get you started on a family evacuation plan.

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: 10 Ways to Fight Rising Food Costs

10 Ways To Fight Rising Food CostsJuly 21, 2014: It can be frustrating to work around the high prices of food and it doesn’t look like things will be getting any better in the near future.  In this episode, Charley shares with you 10 Ways To Fight Rising Food Costs.

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: My Favorite Things Kitchen Edition

My Favorite ThingsJune 23, 2014: This week, Charley shares her favorite things for the kitchen right now. Want to know what she LOVES and couldn’t live without? Listen for her list of kitchen must-haves.

You can find the companion blog post here: My Favorite Things: Kitchen Edition