Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Spring Gardening Preps & Gardening Tips

spring gardening preps with Karen Lynn and the VikingApril 17, 2014:  Join Karen Lynn for her show this week as her husband the Viking joins the show as a special guest and weighs in on important gardening topics such as “Soil Amendments, Composting, and Mulching” and add his own brand of humor to the show as well.

They will answer some questions from readers as well as weave in a story or two as the couple shares their struggles and successes with gardening on their ⅓ of an acre in suburbia.

 Show Resources:

Early Spring Planting & A Garden Day

Colonial Raised Bed Garden Reveal

Spring Fever & More Winter Clean Up

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Questions? Feel free to email Karen Lynn at [email protected]

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Gearing up for gardening and canning season

tomorrowMarch 17, 2014:  Spring is (almost) in the air and Charley is having a hard time keeping her hands out of the dirt! In celebration of Spring, this podcast shares some ideas for gearing up for gardening and canning season. From compost to canners to rake handles and more, there are a lot of things to get ready before the fun can start. This weeks show is meant to encourage and inspire your planting and preserving preparations.