The Canning Diva: Cooking with a Well Rounded Food Arsenal

Cooking with A Well Rounded Food ArsenalSeptember 12, 2014 – The Canning Diva® may be known for home canning but she utilizes all forms of food preservation to keep her family prepared and fed in the event of a disaster.  In this segment she shares with you the important of having a well-rounded food supply using a variety of preservation methods.  Learn how to create delicious meals using freeze dried goods while incorporating home canned, dehydrated and traditional dry-stored foods in this fun segment with The Canning Diva®!  She shares how to make her Tex-Mex Chicken Dinner and Mexican Rice with Tomatoes.

The Canning Diva: FAQ Your Canning Questions Answered Part 1

FAQ Your Canning Questions Answered Part 1June 27, 2014: Ever have a canning and preserving question burning on your mind but were too concerned your question may be trite or silly, therefore you forego asking?  Well, no question is a dumb question – especially when learning the skill and art of home canning and preserving.  In this segment, The Canning Diva® answers you questions submitted via Facebook, direct emails and various online posts.  The best way to learn how to master a skill is to ask questions which shed light on the topic and lend way to gaining more experience.  Enjoy this informative segment with The Canning Diva®, and who knows, your very question may be answered here today!