The Canning Diva: All Things Blueberry

blueberriesSeptember 5, 2014 – Learn how to use and preserve the delicious, and healthy, blueberry in this fun episode with The Canning Diva®!  She shares two easy recipes and their many uses all geared around the blueberry.  Blueberry Pie Filing and Blueberry Lime Jam are yours for the making!  You will be surprised at how easy and versatile this yummy berry can be and how having it on hand will provide delicious comfort when the going gets rough!

The Mind to Homestead: Planting Berries

DSC02131March 5, 2014: Planting berries is such a fabulous way to add fruit to your homestead. They are great for smoothies, jams, and even to eat fresh, not to mention that they can be frozen for enjoyment throughout the year.

In this episode, Kristi shares information you need to know to plant strawberries, blueberries, raspberries/blackberries, currants, grapes, kiwi and more.