Survival Mom Radio Show: Angry Preppers with Fernando Aguirre (FerFal)

mqdefaultJune 10, 2014: Lisa continues her focus on the topic, “Why are some preppers so angry?” You can listen to her first episode on this subject here. In today’s show she discusses this with Fernando Aguirre, better known to some as FerFal. Fernando has been a leader and an insider in the prepper community since before it was even a national movement.


The Modern Survivalist by Fernando Aguirre

Fernando’s blog, The Modern Survivalist

Survial Mom Radio Show: Why Are So Many Preppers Angry?

angerJune 5, 2014: Across the internet in forums, blogs, and websites runs an undeniable thread of anger in prepper and survival circles. Why are so many preppers angry? What has caused this anger? Is any of it justified? Lisa weighs in with her own observations and experiences.