Food Storage and Survival: Five Emergency Kits to Prepare

FSS episode 70 imageSeptember 24, 2014 – Want to put an emergency kit together? Today we discuss five different kits with ideas for what to put in them and why you would want each one.

Mentioned in the show:

Five Emergency Kits to Prepare for Your Family

Car Emergency Kit (with checklist)

Road Trip Auto Tool

Junk in the Trunk kit

Utah Prepare Conference and Expo

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Emergency Preparedness Planning 101

Nitro-PakSeptember 22, 2014 –┬áThis week, Charley shares some quick and easy ideas to get you started with your Emergency Preparedness Planning. She also reviews the Executive 2-person 72-hour kit from Nitro-Pak and shares her thoughts on it with you.