Surviving on Shoestrings: 20 Uses for Old Panty Hose

20 useful things to do with old nylon stockingsPanty hose, stockings or nylons, whatever you choose to call them – they just aren’t as popular now as they once were.  So maybe you have a surplus of them or you always ruin a pair before you get much use out of them.  They’re not just for legs if you think outside the panty hose box.

Today I’m on another weird rant of using what you have – even if you didn’t know you could use it that way!  Panty hose as a clothing item, once rendered useless for its original purpose either by obsolescence or damage, is actually quite a versatile fabric with a wide array of uses in life.  Panty hose can be used around the household, for beauty and health, in crafts and in the garden!

These legs were made for movin’!


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