Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Are You Really Prepared? Find Out from Charley Hogwood, Preparedness Expert

charley hogwoodOct. 30, 2014:  Karen Lynn asks the question Are You Really Prepared?  She asks Charley Hogwood Preparedness and Survivalist expert  and the two of them hit the ground running with some great beginning survival and prepping information.  Charley is an Author of The Survival Group Handbook and Charley is an excellent resource about helping “YOU!” connect with other like-minded folks like yourself!

Charley wants to cut through the junk of some of the superficial content and get to real preparedness needs and teaching folks to work with each other and build relationships!

Karen Lynn shares the importance of fitness with survival and some of her thoughts from a homesteading perspective on this topic too!

The conversation actually goes in a myriad of directions but be prepared to be engaged!



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Charley at Around The Cabin Airs 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 8pm

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DVD Mags:  The People Part Of Prepping 

DVD:  Convincing Others To Prep

DVD: Prepping Your Pantry-Food Storage For Short and Long Term Survival

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