Surviving on Shoestrings: The Sun Oven with Paul Munsen

SunOvenBonusDealOctober 13, 2014 – This show holds a FREE $30 Bonus for Listeners of SOS. Yes, you read that right and when you listen you’ll hear how to get it.

I have had the joy of working with Paul Munsen from Sun Ovens International for several years and he’s been a guest on multiple shows sharing the wonders of using the power of the sun to cook. We have a graciously offer if you’ll go to the right website Millers Grain House or the Always Ready Store and put the secret code in the COMMENTS BOX…. when you order either package of Sun Oven packages and you will get a FREE Bonus – A Cloudy Day Cook Stove!!

Shipping is FREE too!

How’s that for making one purchase stretch for $30 more? Pretty good deal, right?

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Donna Miller

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