Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Suburban Off-Grid Cooking & A Recap of my Survival Mom Radio Network Favorite Moments

lshoffgridcooking_smrsrecapNovember 27, 2014:  Karen Lynn wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving and shares about  her Suburban Off-Grid Cooking experience with her All American Sun Oven and the recipes she has made with the oven and gives a product review on this product as well from her perspective and how she plans to use this oven and going forward her plans with the sun oven.  Living in an area that experiences hurricanes and freak ice storms she has appreciated the multi-use of this product.

The second half of the show she shares a recap of some of her favorite moments on The Survival Mom Radio Network and you have to listen to this there will be links to the show notes to these particular shows!

This is Karen Lynn’s final show on The Survival Mom Radio Network but instead of saying goodbye she says “Until next time” and next time is next week on Dec. 2nd  at 9pm Eastern a live show on her premiere show at Prepper Broadcasting Network!

She also just had her premiere live streaming show on Around The Cabin which airs every other Monday at 8pm eastern time!   Which is interactive from the chat room.

Both shows on Around The Cabin and the Prepper Broadcasting Network is that shows will all be archived for future viewing and listening!  Also don’t forget that all of Karen Lynn’s shows that have aired on The Survival Mom Radio Network will be on Itunes and Podcast Republic for download for the future!

Show Resources:

My Radio Show is Moving!

The Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 1

The Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 2

The Sububan Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 3 – Roasted Apples with Honey, Cardamom, Ginger & Nutmeg (Coming Soon)

All American Christmas Combo Coupon Code

Shows that were Mentioned In The Survival Mom Radio Show Favorite Moments Recap!

Karen Lynn’s Premiere Show!

Interview with Canadian Budget

The Viking’s Ground Hog Comment on the Lil’ Suburban Homestead with Karen Lynn’s Spring Gardening Preps Show




Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Wine Making 101

winemaking101October 2, 2014:  Join Karen Lynn this week as she shares her and her husband’s journey into making their homemade wine and she starts the show off with some great wine blog posts and some links to some other homesteading bloggers wine posts as well!

The second half of the show her husband The Viking in her life joins her and shares his Peach Mead Recipe and his Jerusalem Artichoke Recipe (This discussion is Premiering on this podcast first they have not been posted on her blog  Lil’ Suburban Homestead yet!)

Recipes to come soon!

Karen Lynn also shares some of her upcoming guests in this show!  It’s a fun lively show that will be sure to engage you wherever you are on your homemade wine journey!



Show Resources:

Wine Making Basics & Wonderful Wine Blog Posts 

Homemade Wine & Why You Should Make Your Own! 

Golden Orbs of Goodness

Canning Granny – Homemade Muscadine Juice (a non alcoholic alternative)

Jack Keller’s Wine Making

Shop at your Local Homebrew store for wine making supplies but if you don’t have one….

Another resource to purchase items is  Northern Brewer

Have an idea or a question for Karen Lynn?  Email her at [email protected]


Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Get Inspired To Write Your Own Novel with Janee Pennington

janeebiosmrnSeptember 18, 2014:  Karen Lynn interviews Author of Meeting Eve, Janee Pennington and we get to hear all about after 20+ years in the hospitality industry what inspired Janee to write her first novel.  She shares her struggle of not only surviving breast cancer once but twice and the importance of her Mother’s encouragement on her journey!

Janee shares her words of encouragement to inspiring authors and even has Karen Lynn thinking of putting pen to paper again!

Come join the fun and listen to Karen Lynn and Janee and who knows you may learn something new!  Aren’t you glad you listen?

Show Resources:

Meet Janee – Click here!

Get inspired by Janee – Click here!

Order Janee’s book Meeting Eve – Click here!

Have an idea for question for a show?  Contact Karen Lynn at [email protected]

Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Beauty on a Budget with Julia Thompson, Licensed Esthetician

Beauty On A BudgetAugust 7, 2014:  This week Karen Lynn has a great topic “Beauty On A Budget” and a special guest on her show so please welcome Julia Thompson, Licensed Esthetician. Julia has represented companies such as Estee’Lauder, Laura Mercier, and is a Professional Make Up Artist.

As Karen Lynn faces yet another birthday (this is a good thing!)  this Summer she poses questions to Julia…how can we take care of our skin and some of the “Girlie” stuff and this show will remind you that all of us have various beauty priorities.

Her hope is that this show will make you feel like you are just hanging out in the bathroom doing your hair and make up with all of the other girls….a rare treat to remind us “Homesteaders” and “Preppers” to remember to not only take care of ourselves but to carve out time for it.

Whether you are a guy or gal you will appreciate the laughter between Karen Lynn and Julia and Julia’s knowledge of skin care.

Oh and stay tuned because the “Beauty On A Budget” will be a regular feature here at Lil’ Suburban Homestead with Karen Lynn!

Show Resources:
Lanolin-Agg-Tval Swedish Eggwhite Soap – 1 Box of 6 – 50g bars

Egg Mask Post Coming Soon!

Questions or need more info?  Email Karen Lynn at [email protected]

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Learning Lessons on Food Preservation From Little House on The Prairie

Cooke's Frontier: Zucchini breadJuly 28, 2014:  We’re talking food preservation this week, specifically dehydrating. Charley’s been reading Little House In The Big Woods to her kids and she’s been inspired by Ma & Pa putting food by. Also, she shares a recipe for zucchini bread- a great way to use up shredded, dehydrated zucchini! You can read a recap of this show, find recipe links, & more HERE.

Survival Mom Radio Show: Homesteading is Spreading like Wildfire!

July 15, 2014: Across the country, millions of Americans have embraced the homesteading lifestyle. Whether they live in the city, suburbs, or out on the back 40, they’re learning about self-sufficiency through homesteading. In this episode, Lisa talks with 2 homesteaders, Kathie Lapcevic and Karen Lynn.

PheMOMenal Life: My Rock Bottom Story – “The Courage To Heal”

PheMOMenal: Rock Bottom 1July 11, 2014: InPheMOMenal: Rock Bottom Book this episode Coach Paula shares her own ‘Rock Bottom’ experience and what lead her to finally get the right help needed from regular ER visits over chronic migraines, joint pain and IBS. She shares about how much she wanted to get better but felt trapped in a cycle of prescription pain killers that never really worked, and doctors that told her there was no other way. Maybe you too, will find “The Courage to Heal” from health issues you have been experiencing!




PheMOMenal Life: Rock Bottom, Interview with Diane Cunningham

PheMOMenal: Episode 7 Rock Bottom BookJuly 4, 2014:  Rock Bottom is a collaborative book written by Christian sisters uniting to share their stories of triumph through personal struggles with the power of faith and God. Everyone has a story. Everyone has the same universal challenge of sharing their story. No one wants to read about people who play it safe, they want to read about people who are raw and authentic story tellers. They want to read about people who do not become victims of a life occurrence, but are instead victors. Join me on this journey with Diane Cunningham, who started this whole movement.

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Adults and Stranger Danger

Cooke's Frontier Radio Show: Crockpot Baby Back RibsJune 30, 2014:  Stranger Danger is something we teach our kids to be safe, but are you as an adult doing everything you can to be sure you aren’t unintentionally asking kids to break those rules?  In this week’s show, Charley shares some examples she witnessed recently and her thoughts on how adults need to be just a little more aware of Stranger Danger Rules.  Also, she shares how she makes dynamite crockpot ribs that just get a few minutes of finish time on the grill. Perfect to beat the heat!

For the show notes and recipe, please click here.