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Hey, everyone, and welcome to Know Your Food with Wardee. I’m Wardee in Southwest Oregon, a traditional food blogger at and I’m glad you’re here!

This is the podcast where we’re all about ditching those poisonous processed foods, breaking free from the conventional food paradigm, and instead embracing whole foods raised, saved, and prepared with traditional methods. It’s fun, it’s delicious, and it’s healthy. You’re on your way… to looking good, feeling good, and most importantly, doing good!

You can find more about traditional cooking at my site GNOWFGLINS — it’s an acronym that stands for “God’s natural, organic, whole foods, grown locally, in season.” (My husband made it up and it stuck!)

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Know Your Food: Nourishing Herbal Skin Care

Know Your Food: Herbal Skin Care Know Your Food with WardeeNovember 12, 2014:  This is one of the most fun (and useful and inspiring) podcasts I’ve ever hosted! Patrice — and her daughter Jaiela — and I really hit it off. These knowledgeable ladies are enthusiastic and passionate about making skin care products that heal and nourish using the beneficial properties of herbs. They’re so generous with their wisdom. It’s contagious! I’m sure you will agree when you listen.

Patrice and Jaiela are the owner’s of Eden’s Pure Herbals. See the show notes for how to enter the generous giveaway package!

Get to know Patrice and Jaiela and more about using herbs in your own skin care products through this podcast. Plus… the tip of the week!

Show notes, links, and giveaway details:

Know Your Food: Curly Hair Styling and More Listener Questions

know your food-600-questionsNovember 5, 2014: Join Wardee in today’s episode as she answers questions submitted by listeners: how she cuts and styles her curly hair, what type of olive oil she uses, how long jerky can be stored, and more. Plus… the tip of the week! Links and more at the show notes:

Know Your Food: Seed Saving Connects Communities

October 29, 2014: Seed saving — why should we do it and how do you get started? Meet Bill McDorman, author of the free online book Basic Seed Saving and co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance. His mission: to connect communities with the seeds that sustain them. Bill and his team created (and take on the road) the innovative Seed School which has graduated over 550 Seed Citizens near and far. All that and more on today’s podcast. Plus… the tip of the week! Links and more at the show notes:

Know Your Food: An Old Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World

Nourishing Broth Know Your Food Podcast mainOctober 22, 2014: Arguably the most nourishing food in the world: broth. It’s old-fashioned, yes, but still one of the best remedies for what ails us in modern times. Broth can help with:

  • quick recovery from illness and surgery
  • healing of pain and inflammation
  • increased energy from better digestion
  • lessening of allergies
  • recovery from Crohn’s disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Psoriasis
  • Infectious Disease
  • digestive disorders
  • Cancer
  • and it can help our skin and bones stay young


Pretty awesome, right? That’s just scratching the surface because nothing warms the tummy and the heart like a good bowl of broth-based soup!

Join me and the Naughty Nutritionist, Dr. Kaayla Daniel, as we explore this age-old remedy that stands tall among all superfoods.

Get to know Kaayla, broth, and her brand-new book (co-authored with Sally Fallon Morell), Nourishing Broth, through this podcast. Plus… the tip of the week!

Links and more at the show notes:

Get more info or buy the book:

Know Your Food: CrossFit and the Traditional Food Lifestyle

CrossFit Traditional Foods GNOWFGLINS mainOctober 15, 2014 – CrossFit is taking the world by storm! Is it a modern craze or is there something deeper — even traditional — about it? Join me and Nathan Brammeier, blogger/podcaster at and owner of a CrossFit gym, as we get to the bottom of it. We’ll discuss what CrossFit is, why you might consider it for your own exercise program, how to get started, and even a look at the popular Paleo diet among CrossFitters. Plus… the tip of the week! Links and more at the show notes:

Know Your Food: Is it Possible to Heal from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?

Know Your Food: Young beautiful woman with depressionOctober 8, 2014:  Theresa suffered for years but doctors told her there was nothing wrong (yet she would probably be on prescription medications for the rest of her life!). After deep research of her own, she found out that she had multiple chemical sensitivities and embarked on her own healing journey with alternative health care and whole foods.  Get inspired by Teresa and her journey through the links and information below, and of course through this podcast.  Plus… the tip of the week!

Show notes and more at:

Know Your Food: More Urban Farming with Greg Peterson (plus free webinar)

Greg Peterson SquareOctober 1, 2014 – One of our most popular guests, Greg Peterson is back for the third time. He’s been inspiring others and practicing urban farming on his 1/3 acre city lot for 25 years. We’re talking more about The Urban Farm (his home), the concepts of “food miles” and seasonal eating, plus he is inviting you to a free webinar on urban farming.

Visit the show notes for links and more: Plus, the tip of the week!

Know Your Food: Homespun Seasonal Living with Kathie Lapcevic

Know Your Food: Homespun Seasonal Living GNOWFGLINSSeptember 24, 2014:  Lover of glass jars and honey bees, Kathie (along with her husband and soul-mate Jeff), embraces seasonal living in the Flathead Valley of Montana. She’s a writer and teacher and shares her love of simple living and creativity both locally and online at her blog, Homespun Seasonal Living.

Get to know Kathie through this podcast. Plus… the tip of the week!

Show notes and more at:

Know Your Food: 7 Keys to the Abundant Life, Bible-Inspired

Abundant Health Inspired by Biblical Principles GNOWGLINS sheep labelAugust 27, 2014: Chiropractor and homesteader Dr. Eric Z shares the 7 key areas to an abundant life (based on Biblical principles) and we talk about the urban homesteading legacy he and his family are passing on to their children, local community, and even online through a weekly video series. You will love every minute! Plus… the tip of the week!

Show notes and more at