Sunrise Holistic Solutions: Explode with Energy through these Proven Natural Remedies

Sunrise Holostic: Attractive happy woman joying in beautiful summer day.November 18, 2014:  Are you tired all the time and long for sustained energy to complete the tasks at hand? How about mental burnout, an inability to think clearly and stay focused? Want to learn the healthy alternative that is sure to put a spring in your step? In this week’s podcast, Naturopathic Doctor & Certified Natural Health Professional, Roxanne Griswold, packs some practical nutritional tips and all natural remedies for battling burnout, fatigue and exhaustion. Now you don’t have to fight this battle alone. Come join the discussion today as Roxanne unfolds Part II in her series, titled “Energy Boosting Nutritional Preps & Tips”. You don’t want to miss out on this hope building, energy packed “natural health” podcast.

Sunrise Holistic Solutions: Energy Boosting Tips Part 1

November 4, 2014: woman-dog[1]In this week’s podcast, titled “Energy Boosting Nutritional Preps & Tips – Part I”,  Roxanne explains how high carbs and the wrong kind of carbs contribute to fatigue, exhaustion and finally burnout. And how the opposite is just as true: “Good carbs” consumed proportionately throughout the day bring a stabilized energy and an overall sense of well being. The second half of the podcast discusses the difference between “good fats” and “bad fats” and how this effects not only our energy levels, but our general health as well. She explains how the good fats are absolutely essential for critical organ and cellular functions – and that without them, we deprive our bodies and set ourselves up for disease later in life. Stay tuned for next week’s podcast where Roxanne will further her discussion on “Energy Boosting Nutritional Preps & Tips!

Sunrise Holistic Solutions with Roxanne Griswold

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Roxanne Griswold, Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Natural Health Professional, combines her natural health expertise along with her emergency preparedness knowledge to bring you in depth nutritional preps and tips and how it may benefit you during these uncertain times. She also manages a natural health business – Sunrise Holistic Solutions – that features various, nutritional products while assisting clients in achieving their natural health goals. She received her training and certification from Trinity College of Natural Health and The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals.

Roxanne and her husband are also owners of Ready Made Resources – one of the most comprehensive, longstanding companies in the prepper & homestead industry, specializing in everything from solar energy, long term food storage, water purification, heirloom seeds & gardening preps, med supplies & kits, grain mills, dehydrators, nbc gear, radio equipment, night optics and so much more.

Nearly two decades ago, Roxanne and her husband fled the “rat race” to resume the homestead lifestyle in the breathtaking, Smokey Mountains of east Tennessee. They live on a 26 acre working homestead where they operate several businesses, maintain vegetable, fruit, nut and medicinal herb gardens, raise chickens, goats, horses and kitty cats. They are the proud parents of one twelve year old son, two grown stepsons and four grandchildren.