Trailer Park Homesteader: October Frugal Prepping Tips

ep24_frugal prepping tips_sharon pannellOctober Frugal Prepping Tips:
Who doesn’t love to find a bargain? Today Sharon discusses her favorite eight places that she uses to find frugal prepping items. These range from thrift stores and yard sales, to online resources. She also gives listeners tips on what to watch out for and how these items can help when the time comes. Grab a cup of coffee and join Sharon as she gives you new ideas about frugal prepping.



Mentioned on the Show:

The Faithful Prepper

Plan B Survival/Black Arrow Survival


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Rural Revolution: Is it Hoarding or Prepping?

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Food Storage & Survival: Roundup of Audience Questions and Tips

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Canning chicken or pork

Dehydrating frozen vegetables

Fresnel lens

101 Uses for Empty #10 Cans

Survival Mom Radio Show: Ebola in the News & Author, Steven Konkoly

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Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Portable Water Filtration Options

Cooke's Frontier: S W I MOctober 20, 2014:   Water is so important to everyday life, and until you’re without a way to get your hands on water you may not think about just how important it is. This week, Charley reviews two options for portable water filtration; A Lifestraw and A Sawyer Mini Filter. Listen in for her thoughts on each!

Mountain Woman Journals: How To Harvest Your Own Meats

How To Harvest Your Own MeatsOctober 15, 2014: In today’s show I discuss the importance of knowing how to harvest your own meats and how important it is for not only men, but women and children to know this skill as well.


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Food Storage and Survival: EDC Purse Preparedness

FSS episode 73 imageOctober 15, 2014 – What’s in your purse? Can it help you survive? In this episode we talk about some Every Day Carry (EDC) items to have with you whether you carry them in your purse, diaper bag, or in your pockets. Plus some items you may already have in that purse that could be used for survival.

Mentioned in the show:

Preparedness Fair listing

Small first aid kit

Leatherman Squirt

Wallet-Sized Fire Starter

Surviving on Shoestrings: The Sun Oven with Paul Munsen

SunOvenBonusDealOctober 13, 2014 – This show holds a FREE $30 Bonus for Listeners of SOS. Yes, you read that right and when you listen you’ll hear how to get it.

I have had the joy of working with Paul Munsen from Sun Ovens International for several years and he’s been a guest on multiple shows sharing the wonders of using the power of the sun to cook. We have a graciously offer if you’ll go to the right website Millers Grain House or the Always Ready Store and put the secret code in the COMMENTS BOX…. when you order either package of Sun Oven packages and you will get a FREE Bonus – A Cloudy Day Cook Stove!!

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Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Winter Ready Car

Winter ReadyOctober 13, 2014 – Charley is busy getting her car Winter ready this week, so she’s sharing what things she makes sure are in her car with you. Also, she reviews a Deluxe Auto Emergency Combo from Emergency Essentials, so listen for her thoughts and recommendations.