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Lisa Bedford launched The Survival Mom blog on June 1, 2009, and the world of survival hasn’t been the same since! Through her down-to-earth style of writing, speaking, and training, she brought the world of preparedness into the homes and mindset of America’s families. Today, thousands of women across the country and around the world identify themselves as Survival Moms.

Lisa is the author of Amazon bestseller, Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst Case Scenarios.


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The Survival Mom Radio Show: Travel Expert Interview

January 26, 2015:

Lisa interviews 2 family travel experts. Kendra Thornton is talks about events that draw travelers every year and tips for making family travel more enjoyable, and Grainne Kelly, inventor of the Bubble Bum inflatable car seat, discusses how she developed the product and how to keep kids safe when traveling by car.

Survival Mom Radio Show: Holiday Budget Tips & Winterizing Your Home and Vehicle

November 25, 2014: Today Lisa has three guests: Steve and Annette Economides, known as America’s Cheapest Family and Ace Hardware’s Home Expert, Lou Manfredini

Steve and Annette discuss some of their best tips for saving money around the holidays, including tracking down loose change! Lou shares tips for winterizing your home and vehicle. In particular, he shares brand names of products that can help keep your home warmer and free of drafts.

Survival Mom Radio Show: Staying Safe in Civil Unrest and Mob Violence

November 18, 2014:  Whether it’s riots following a championship basketball game or racial protests turned violent, as in the case of Ferguson, Missouri, we need to know how to spot potential trouble spots and how to stay safe. Former FBI Special Agent and Private Investigator Gil Torres joins Lisa to discuss these and other issues related to civil unrest and mob violence.


Gil’s PI business,  Taurus Investigations

15 Tips For Staying Safe During Times of Civil Unrest

Survival Mom Radio Show: #1 Food Storage Tips

jars-of-dried-food[1]November 11, 2014: A small stockpile of food can get you through power outages, epidemics, a Polar Vortex and a lot more. In this episode, Lisa discusses her favorite, #1 food storage recipe and gives basic tips for beginners. She also recommends her favorite 4 food storage companies.

Survival Mom Radio Show: Ebola updates and insights from 2 experts

Ebola-America-header[1]October 28, 2014: In today’s episode, Lisa continues the discussion of Ebola in America with emergency and disaster management experts, Jim Acosta and Amy Van Riper, who are also writers for The Survival Mom blog.

Survival Mom Radio Show: All About Food Dehydration

October 14, 2014: Join Lisa as she talks about home fire safety with Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern. Tammy Gangloff of joins Lisa in the second half of the show and discusses techniques for dehydrating all types of food.

Survival Mom Radio Show: SentrySafe and Fire Safety

josh 200x200October 7, 2014: October is National Fire Safety Month and this week Lisa is joined by Josh Coon, Senior Brand Manager for SentrySafe. Josh shares tips that will help you prepare your family and home against fires and discusses the history of SentrySafe and new products.

Survival Mom Radio Show: James Rawles

September 30, 2014: Lisa talks with author and founder of Survival Blog, James Rawles.

Survival Mom Radio Show: Q & A with Lisa Bedford

Thoughtful young woman with drawn question marks circulating aroSeptember 23, 2014: Lisa answers compelling questions from readers including:

  • What foods can I store in mylar bags?
  • What resources are available to teach my kids about preparedness?
  • How can I treat a snake bite and can I make anti-venom at home?
  • Is an attack by ISIS a real possibility or a false flag?