Essential Survival Show: Interview with Patriot Nurse

Essential Survival Show: Patriot Nurse PodcastSeptember 2, 2014:  In this classic re-broadcast, Julie interviews The Patriot Nurse about different aspects of medical preparedness.  The Patriot Nurse is a leading voice for medical preparedness.  Find her on Facebook at and watch her informative videos at  You can check out her schedule of Medical Preparedness 101 classes at

Essential Survival Show: The Ins and Outs of Colon Cleansing

colon cleanseAugust 19, 2014:  Today we are replaying an earlier episode of Juile’s as she is celebrating the birth of her first child.


Congratulations Julie!!

Essential Survival Show: Polly’s Birth Book with Jeanette Lasson

Pollys Birth Book graphicAugust 12, 2014: On this week’s show, Julie gives an update on her pregnancy and replays a classic interview Jeanette Lasson, daughter of Polly Block who wrote the world-famous home birth book “Polly’s Birth Book”.

Polly’s Birth Book is available for purchase here.

Essential Survival Show: Natural Yeast, Interview with Caleb Warnock

Essential Survival Show: Caleb Warnock natural yeast podcast 2August 5, 2014:  In today’s episode of the Essential Survival Radio Show, Julie shares an update on her pregnancy and replays a fantastic classic podcast interview with Caleb Warnock about baking with natural yeast to help overcome some of the problems with the ingestion of grains!

You learn more and get Caleb Warnock’s books and heirloom seeds at and

Essential Survival Show: Interview with Homestead Lady

Essential Survival Show: Homestead Lady podcast graphicJuly 29, 2014:  In this week’s show, Julie shares an update on her pregnancy and plays a classic interview with her friend Tessa Zundel of about various aspects of homesteading, including raising chickens and goats, seed swapping, urban homesteading, and family health & nutrition!

Follow Homestead Lady on Facebook or on her blog at

Essential Survival Show: Healing from Chronic Illness Through Diet with Melanie Hobby

Melanie before and after 4July 15, 2014:  Today Julie interviews an old friend, Melanie Hobby.  When she was just 17 years old, Melanie was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  Years later, Melanie began seeking out answers for her health and began to experiment with diet.  Today Melanie is free of Crohn’s Disease and loves to help inspire others experiencing chronic illness to make the lifestyle changes necessary for healing!

You can find Melanie on Facebook and Twitter.

Essential Survival Show: Hypnobirthing & Natural Childbirth with Lauralyn Curtis, Part 2 of 2

Podcast 58 59 hypnobirthingJuly 1, 2014:  In Part 2 of this interview with Lauralyn Curtis, mother of 4, hypnobirthing instructor, and hypno-doula, Lauralyn discusses her personal take on hypnobirthing.  She shares why she believes every woman should prepare for an unplanned home birth.  And she also talks about the potential benefits of placenta encapsulation.

Lauralyn’s websites are:

Essential Survival Show: Hypnobirthing & Natural Childbirth with Lauralyn Curtis, Part 1 of 2

Podcast 58 59 hypnobirthingJune 24, 2014:  Today Julie interviews Lauralyn Curtis, a mother of 4 boys, and a hypnobirthing instructor and hypno-doula.  Lauralyn shares her experience of going from hospital births filled with interventions to learning to work with her body and have a life-changing birth experience with her 3rd son.  She shares what hypnobirthing is and how this technique can lead to a more peaceful, comfortable birth for women.

Lauralyn’s hypnobirthing soundtracks are available at

Essential Survival Show: Food Preservation Basics with Melissa K. Norris

Food preservation podcast 56June 17, 2014:  Today Julie interviews Melissa K. Norris about how she lives off the land with her husband and children on their homestead in the Cascade Mountains.  Melissa shares her tips for getting started with basic food preservation.

For more information from Melissa on food preservation, check out her presentation “Home Food Preservation Made Easy” on July 1 as part of the Summer of Survival Summit.

Melissa K Norris

You can find Melissa at and on Facebook at