Rural Revolution: 11th Episode

December 3, 2014:

Mountain Woman Journals: Send Off – Thankfulness – Seeing The Blessings

Thankfulness - Seeing The BlessingsNovember 26, 2014: In today’s show I have those bitter sweet feelings – one door closing and another door opening!  I feel very blessed to have been a part of the Survival Mom Radio Network and have the utmost respect and admiration for Lisa Bedford and the other hosts of the network.  I talk today about Thankfulness and the importance of it as a survival skill.  Having a thankful heart is a positive survival skill which will help you through even the worst of adversity.  Join me in finding something to be thankful for each and every day!




Family Life Weekend To Remember


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Pioneering Today: 6 Great Depression Era Tips and Recipes to Stretch Your Food Budget

Pioneering Today: Depression Era TipsNovember 21, 2014:   Learn more tips on how to stretch your food budget using potatoes, including old-fashioned recipes and swap outs to save you money.

Rural Revolution: The Secret to a Simple Life

November 20, 2014:  This week Patrice talks about the secrets to creating a simple life.

The Trailer Park Homesteader: Three Amazing Products You Need!

Trailer Park Homesteader: Three Amazing Products You NeedNovember 20, 2014:  Today Sharon is reviewing three amazing products that she feels every prepared home needs to have. The first of these is the All American Sun Oven, a wonderful way to cook and prepare a multitude of foods and also use to pasteurize water. Second up is the Kelly Kettle, a lightweight and portable way to boil water and cook food on the go. Lastly, Sharon is reviewing the Harvest Guard Portable Sealer. This easy to use vacuum sealer takes the guess work out of sealing up your long-term food storage items. Join Sharon as she describes her family’s experiences with the products and how you will benefit from getting them too!



Links to the Manufacturers:

All American Sun Oven

Kelly Kettle/USA

Weston Supply



All American Sun Oven

The Kelly Kettle

Weston Harvest Guard Portable Vacuum Sealer


Find Written Reviews at The Trailer Park Homesteader under the “Product Reviews” Tab.


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Rural Revolution: Starting an Online Information Based Business

November 13, 2014:

Lil’ Suburban Homestead: 20 Telltale Signs That Your A Farm Girl

20telltalesignsthatyoureafarmgirl-587x500Nov. 13, 2014:  Can you drive past a farmers market without stopping?  Do you have an addiction to gardening magazines?  Karen Lynn shares these and more in the  “20 Telltale Signs That You’re A Farm Girl” and also shares some exciting podcasts that are coming up on her show on The Survival Mom Radio Network.

In addition to sharing the”20 Telltale Signs That You’re A Farm Girl” Karen Lynn also shares her pumpkin finds for fall, her gratitudes for November and even some news about an interview with one of her fellow Survival Mom Radio Hosts!

She also shares some great blog posts coming to her blog Lil’ Suburban Homestead!  She shares more in depth about her upcoming shows and guests as well!

Are you a farm girl or guy?

On a personal note she shares about what is happening on her lil’ homestead and some of her Mom highlights from this fall!

Show Resources:

I’m Not Allowed To Be Sick Chicken Soup Recipe – Gluten Free

Countdown To Preparedness Book Review by Jim Cobb & Giveaway Opportunity!

Burlap Pinterest Frame 

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Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: 10 Lost Skills Worth Finding & Learning

10 Lost SkillsNovember 10, 2014:  This week, Charley gives you 10 Lost Skills Worth Finding and Learning. These are things our parents and grandparents knew how to do and just got lost in the shuffle of “progress”.

Rural Revolution: The Lessons of Laura

Rural Revolution: P1010075October 30, 2014:  Join Patrice Lewis as she attempts to imitate the low-tech skills of the pioneers, including Laura Ingalls Wilder.