Lil’ Suburban Homestead: Engaging Our Children with Homesteading Literature

chickenandthedogNov. 6, 2014:  Karen Lynn interviews Amanda Maxwell Co-Author of The Chicken and The Dog and reminds you that it is the Holiday Shopping Season!  Karen Lynn discusses how important it is to engage children with homesteading literature and how she always feels good about sharing the gift of books.  In particular she love sharing books with her young nieces and even her own children as they were growing up especially literature that engages children that discusses homesteading and sustainable living!

The two of them discuss how engaging Amanda’s series of books are to children and bringing the “Farm To Table” concept to young children and what it’s really like!

It’s exciting to connect children with chickens on the Suburban Homestead!

Show Resources:

Check out Amanda’s site for her books The Chicken and the Dog – Click Here! 

The Chicken and  the Dog Activities For Children – Click here!

Newly expanded The Chicken and theDog Merchandise for the Holidays – Click here! 


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Mountain Woman Journals: A Homemade Christmas

A Homemade ChristmasNovember 5, 2014: In today’s show I discuss A Homemade Christmas that I am participating in with Melissa Norris.  I discuss the many ways we gift homemade items and encourage you to join in so you can learn How To Make Homemade Melt and Pour Soaps with me in her series.  You can sign up for A Homemade Christmas here !

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Know Your Food: Curly Hair Styling and More Listener Questions

know your food-600-questionsNovember 5, 2014: Join Wardee in today’s episode as she answers questions submitted by listeners: how she cuts and styles her curly hair, what type of olive oil she uses, how long jerky can be stored, and more. Plus… the tip of the week! Links and more at the show notes:

Surviving on Shoestrings: So You Want to Work from Home?

So you want to work from homeNovember 3, 2014: So you want to work from home? While working from home may sound like the ‘dream job’ or a great way to bring in some extra income, there are some do’s and don’ts that can make or break your experience and your success.

The planning and execution of the delicate balance your work from home structure and routine need a little more focus than you may have realized.  It’s not all about being able to stay in your pajamas all day and save on gas money.  There’s a world of things that can derail you if you don’t look out and tend to them.

Listen to this show to hear a few you may not have thought of yet!

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Survival Mom Radio Show: Ebola updates and insights from 2 experts

Ebola-America-header[1]October 28, 2014: In today’s episode, Lisa continues the discussion of Ebola in America with emergency and disaster management experts, Jim Acosta and Amy Van Riper, who are also writers for The Survival Mom blog.

Surviving on Shoestrings: Real Easy Cash Back Shopping

Real Easy Cash Back ShoppingOctober 27, 2014:  Real Easy Cash Back Shopping does actually exists.    Honestly it does, but it took me a while to find it – so I hope I’m saving you the hassle of the hunt today.  I looked into  things that said ‘cash back rebates’ and well, most all of them  took so many twists, turns and convoluted explanations that I just wasn’t sure they were real.  Can you relate?  If that’s you and you’ve been there… you’ve looked into cash back shopping or cash back rebates and been kind of  taken aback by how very complicated they become – you’ll be excited to listen to my guest Frank Atkins explain this  FREE way to get real, easy cash back for buying things we already buy!

Find out how to start earning REAL cash back at   I began using this way of shopping and have already received cash back on things from bed sheets to car parts! I’m surprisingly thrilled with it thus far! And it’s FREE to join!

Yes, seriously you can start saving back real cash each time you shop (even at discount clubs that already offer bulk savings and discount sites like Wayfair and more) and after you’ve save money with them you can still put cash into your account and begin building your stash of cash back.

With a simple tool bar to  keep you from forgetting and virtual ‘savings account’ just for shopping for things from toilet paper to cell phone service (yeah that one caught my ear too – cash back each month for paying a bill I already pay? – Yes!) you can pocket real cash rebates on top of savings already offered.  And this one is easy not complicated like so many of the others out there.

Visit and you’ll see this FREE and easy way  you can start seeing your real cash back rebate potential.


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Donna Miller

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Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Most FavoriteThings the Non-Electric Edition

Cooke's Frontier:Favorite NON electricOctober 27, 2014:  This week, Charley is sharing 10 of her most favorite things…..her most favorite NON-Electric things!  Find out what she uses and loves everyday – no batteries required.

PheMOMenal Life: Spooktacular Halloween Tips

Episode 24 Halloween party picOctober 24, 2014:  In this episode Coach Paula will talk about Halloween safety tips, party fun and how to have a spooktacular evening that is safe and fun for all your little gremlins. You won’t want to miss this fun and entertaining episode!

Trailer Park Homesteader: October Frugal Prepping Tips

ep24_frugal prepping tips_sharon pannellOctober Frugal Prepping Tips:
Who doesn’t love to find a bargain? Today Sharon discusses her favorite eight places that she uses to find frugal prepping items. These range from thrift stores and yard sales, to online resources. She also gives listeners tips on what to watch out for and how these items can help when the time comes. Grab a cup of coffee and join Sharon as she gives you new ideas about frugal prepping.



Mentioned on the Show:

The Faithful Prepper

Plan B Survival/Black Arrow Survival


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