The Trailer Park Homesteader: REAL Medical Prepping with The Patriot Nurse, Part 1of 2

Sept 4th_Sharon Pannell_Ep17Real Medical Prepping Part 1_ImageSeptember 4, 2014 – To celebrate National Preparedness Month, Sharon turns to The Patriot Nurse to help us learn REAL information regarding medical prepping. The Patriot Nurse takes time out of her very busy schedule to share her expertise with listeners. She explains what skills the average person should first focus on and the supplies they realistically need. She shares some of the most overlooked illnesses and conditions that people need to focus on. The Patriot Nurse also discusses what information people need to know about the safety and use of a common medical prep: fish antibiotics. She also breaks down their manufacturing origins, how to use, and how to properly store these. Next, Sharon and The Patriot Nurse discuss how crucial medications should be stored long-term in preparation for a disaster and the ideal expiration dates for particular medications. The Patriot Nurse also explains the physical benefits and uses of essential oils in your medical preps. In closing, she addresses one of the biggest mistakes that many preppers make regarding nutritional needs.

Please remember to tune next week for Part Two of the interview with The Patriot Nurse, where she covers topics such as pandemics, Ebola, and her own personal experiences. You don’t want to miss either of these shows on REAL medical prepping.


Visit: The Patriot Nurse

Mentioned on the Show:

Lone Star Medics

Tactical response

Are Fish Antibiotics Safe For Humans?  Video


Find the Essential Oils: Stress Away, Thieves Oil, and Trauma Life HERE


Find Fish Antibiotics Here:  Camping Survival

Essential Survival Show: Interview with Patriot Nurse

Essential Survival Show: Patriot Nurse PodcastSeptember 2, 2014:  In this classic re-broadcast, Julie interviews The Patriot Nurse about different aspects of medical preparedness.  The Patriot Nurse is a leading voice for medical preparedness.  Find her on Facebook at and watch her informative videos at  You can check out her schedule of Medical Preparedness 101 classes at

Mountain Woman Journals: Interview with Kris Bordessa of

Attainable SustainableAugust 27, 2014: In today’s show I had the privilege to interview Kris Bordessa of  She is homesteading in Hawaii and lives a frugal and sustainable life.

You can also find her at:


Kris Bordessa’s Books:

Off The Shelf

Tools for Ancient Greeks,

Great Medieval Projects You Can Build Yourself,

Great Colonial American Projects You Can Build Yourself,

Team Challenges

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New Pioneer Magazine Spring 2013 Self Reliance Illustrated American Frontiersman at Prepare Magazine at

PheMOMenal Life: Interview with Lynnae Bussell

PheMOMenal: Lynnae BussellAugust 22, 2014:   In this episode Coach Paula is talking with Lynnae Bussell owner of Timeless Beauty by His Design. Lynnae is an Image Consultant who works with women to create a fabulous look for themselves and not spending a lot of time or money doing so! Lynnae is going to discuss reasons its important for moms to put some more focus on caring for themselves and how the family will be better off for it. Enjoy learning how YOU can be beautifully designed.

Essential Survival Show: The Ins and Outs of Colon Cleansing

colon cleanseAugust 19, 2014:  Today we are replaying an earlier episode of Juile’s as she is celebrating the birth of her first child.


Congratulations Julie!!

Essential Survival Show: Polly’s Birth Book with Jeanette Lasson

Pollys Birth Book graphicAugust 12, 2014: On this week’s show, Julie gives an update on her pregnancy and replays a classic interview Jeanette Lasson, daughter of Polly Block who wrote the world-famous home birth book “Polly’s Birth Book”.

Polly’s Birth Book is available for purchase here.

My Kale Kids: Emotional Eater

Jessica Brassington - Episode 11 - Emotional EaterAugust 5, 2014: Are you an emotional eater? Chances are, you may not even realize it! In this episode, I’ll share some ways to identify emotional eating as well as tips to prevent and overcome stress-induced overeating.

Essential Survival Show: Natural Yeast, Interview with Caleb Warnock

Essential Survival Show: Caleb Warnock natural yeast podcast 2August 5, 2014:  In today’s episode of the Essential Survival Radio Show, Julie shares an update on her pregnancy and replays a fantastic classic podcast interview with Caleb Warnock about baking with natural yeast to help overcome some of the problems with the ingestion of grains!

You learn more and get Caleb Warnock’s books and heirloom seeds at and

Pioneering Today: How to Make Homemade Jams and Jellies like a Pro

Pioneering Today:  IMG_1209August 1, 2014:  Learn how to make homemade jams and jellies.

  • Which berries make the best jellies
  • Which berries need added acidity
  • Forms of acidity to add to jams and jellies
  • Form of natural pectin
  • How to make low sugar or honey variations