Rural Revolution: 11th Episode

December 3, 2014:

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: 10 Lost Skills Worth Finding & Learning

10 Lost SkillsNovember 10, 2014:  This week, Charley gives you 10 Lost Skills Worth Finding and Learning. These are things our parents and grandparents knew how to do and just got lost in the shuffle of “progress”.

Cooke’s Frontier Radio Show: Your Freezer Is Your Best Friend

Cooke's Frontier: Freezer 482November 3, 2014:  Charley shares how she keeps her pocketbook fat and her family well fed during the hectic Holiday season. Your freezer can be your best friend, too- just follow her simple tips and ideas to get started and you can have a freezer full of foods to fall back on when life gets busy!

Pioneering Today: 8 Ways to Preserve Pumpkin

Pioneering Today: Pumpkin on Wooden BackgroundOctober 31, 2014:  This week, Melissa talks about ways to preserve pumpkin from the abundance of the season.

The Canning Diva: Let’s Talk Apples

The Canning Diva: Lets Talk ApplesOctober 31, 2014:   The Canning Diva® shares her tips on recognizing the variety of apples best for home canning, preserving and baking in this fun episode of Canning with The Diva! She helps you identify the different varieties and which apples will work best in many fun canning recipes. In this fun segment she shares three delicious and simple recipes you may enjoy around the holidays, for gift-giving or just any time a jar of yummy goodness is sure to please.

The Trailer Park Homesteader: Garden Clean-up and Planning

Trailer Park Homesteader: Ep25_Sharon Pannell_Garden CleanupandPlanning_TTPHOctober 30, 2014:  In this Episode Sharon is discussing fall garden clean-up and how to make your garden ready for the winter. She also gives tips on what can be done to ensure your garden is also ready for spring planting.

Know Your Food: Seed Saving Connects Communities

October 29, 2014: Seed saving — why should we do it and how do you get started? Meet Bill McDorman, author of the free online book Basic Seed Saving and co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance. His mission: to connect communities with the seeds that sustain them. Bill and his team created (and take on the road) the innovative Seed School which has graduated over 550 Seed Citizens near and far. All that and more on today’s podcast. Plus… the tip of the week! Links and more at the show notes:

Pioneering Today: Grinding Flour at Home + 6 Fresh Flour Baking Tips

White flour in a bowl on a wooden tableOctober 24, 2014 – Grinding my own flour at home makes me feel like a real pioneer woman. However, the first few weeks of baking with my fresh ground flour left me more than a little frustrated with dense breads and spread out pancake cookies. I’ve now been grinding my own flour and using fresh flour in all of our baking for almost two years and I’ve learned some tips to save you some time.

The Canning Diva: Canning Wild Game

October 24, 2014:  Canning Wild GameAfter a fun hunt out in the wilderness, preserve your prize using a pressure canner! In this fun episode, The Canning Diva® teaches you how the pressure and high temperatures tenderize your meat allowing the flavors of fresh vegetables, herbs and seasonings to permeate each fiber. Having jars of this lean, protein packed meat on the ready will make excellent meals! Reheat this seasoned, cooked meat alongside vegetables and mashed potatoes for a quick meal or use as a meal starter when making main dishes, soups and stews. She also shares a delicious twist on a fun recipe you won’t want to miss!