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Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva™, is a Michigan native who has lived in the Greater Grand Rapids area for more than a decade.  As a teen, she enjoyed raising hogs and beef cattle in northern Michigan. Diane started home-canning one summer as a thirteen year old girl. She immediately grew a passion for the art.

Diane has made it her goal to teach these time-honored traditions to those who wish to receive the many benefits offered from home canning and preserving.  She is presently enrolled at Grand Rapids Community College Culinary Arts Program through the internationally renowned Secchia Institute for Culinary Education to achieve her certification as a Private Chef.

New shows every Friday, hosted by Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva™.

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The Canning Diva: Let’s Talk Apples

The Canning Diva: Lets Talk ApplesOctober 31, 2014:   The Canning Diva® shares her tips on recognizing the variety of apples best for home canning, preserving and baking in this fun episode of Canning with The Diva! She helps you identify the different varieties and which apples will work best in many fun canning recipes. In this fun segment she shares three delicious and simple recipes you may enjoy around the holidays, for gift-giving or just any time a jar of yummy goodness is sure to please.

The Canning Diva: Canning Wild Game

October 24, 2014:  Canning Wild GameAfter a fun hunt out in the wilderness, preserve your prize using a pressure canner! In this fun episode, The Canning Diva® teaches you how the pressure and high temperatures tenderize your meat allowing the flavors of fresh vegetables, herbs and seasonings to permeate each fiber. Having jars of this lean, protein packed meat on the ready will make excellent meals! Reheat this seasoned, cooked meat alongside vegetables and mashed potatoes for a quick meal or use as a meal starter when making main dishes, soups and stews. She also shares a delicious twist on a fun recipe you won’t want to miss!

The Canning Diva: Kitchen Staples

The Canning Diva: Canning Kitchen StaplesOctober 10, 2014: Every home cook needs a well-stocked pantry. Keeping several home canned staples on the ready will make meal preparation a synch! The Canning Diva will demonstrate a three of her favorite kitchen staples which will help round out your pantry and give you ways in which to create quick, healthy meals in no time.

The Canning Diva: Chicken Pot Pie Filling

The Canning Diva: chicken pot pie fillingOctober 3, 2014:   In this segment The Canning Diva® shares her mom’s delicious Chicken Pot Pie Filling recipe. Learn her secret to scrumptious filling as well as tips on how to safely preserve it so you may enjoy it year ‘round! The Canning Diva® also gives you her mom’s tried-and-true pie dough recipe! She will take you on a journey from start to finish in this fun segment of Canning with The Diva!

The Canning Diva: Easy Tomatoes and Spaghetti Sauce

Easy Tomatoes & Spaghetti SauceSeptember 19, 2014 – The Canning Diva® embodies all things food preservation and is happy to share with you two recipes using a fall favorite, the tomato!  The many health benefits, liquidity and meals you may create using these two recipes are definitely a staple to have on hand in times of disaster…or when you simply need to stretch your food budget.  Learn how to create these delicious tomato-based combos in this fun segment with The Canning Diva®!

The Canning Diva: Cooking with a Well Rounded Food Arsenal

Cooking with A Well Rounded Food ArsenalSeptember 12, 2014 – The Canning Diva® may be known for home canning but she utilizes all forms of food preservation to keep her family prepared and fed in the event of a disaster.  In this segment she shares with you the important of having a well-rounded food supply using a variety of preservation methods.  Learn how to create delicious meals using freeze dried goods while incorporating home canned, dehydrated and traditional dry-stored foods in this fun segment with The Canning Diva®!  She shares how to make her Tex-Mex Chicken Dinner and Mexican Rice with Tomatoes.

The Canning Diva: All Things Blueberry

blueberriesSeptember 5, 2014 – Learn how to use and preserve the delicious, and healthy, blueberry in this fun episode with The Canning Diva®!  She shares two easy recipes and their many uses all geared around the blueberry.  Blueberry Pie Filing and Blueberry Lime Jam are yours for the making!  You will be surprised at how easy and versatile this yummy berry can be and how having it on hand will provide delicious comfort when the going gets rough!

The Canning Diva: Summer Vegetable Canning, Part 3

The Canning Diva: Summer Vegetable Canning - Part 3August 15, 2014:  The Canning Diva® wraps up her three-part Summer Vegetable Canning series with a fun spin on End of the Garden Pickles. In this segment, she shares a fun way to preserve your garden’s leftovers so that no vegetable goes to waste. Learn how to create her Hot Veggie Pickle Mix in this fun episode of Canning with The Diva!

The Canning Diva: Summer Vegetable Canning, Part 2

The Canning Diva: Summer Vegetable Canning - Part 2August 8, 2014:  This segment shares the second part of The Canning Diva®’s three-part series Summer Vegetable Canning! She shares a variety of ways to preserve summer vegetables which include fun canning recipes as well as dry storage and freezing methods! Throughout the series, listeners can expect a fun combination of water bathing and pressure canning recipes designed for both novice and veteran canners. In this episode, The Canning Diva® teaches you how to preserve Ginger Carrots, Zucchini Relish and fun frozen shreds to use when making bread in the future.