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On the Food Storage and Survival Radio Show we’re talking preparedness with a family focus.  Angela is the mother of four children from toddler to teen and has been prepping with her family for over 14 years.  Tune in for fun interviews, tips, and useable ideas to help you and your family become better prepared for an uncertain future.

Angela is also the author of Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency and Survival, published in May, 2014.

Find more from Angela at her blog Food Storage and Survival
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Food Storage & Survival: I Grew Thanksgiving Results

Food Storage & Survival: How I Grew ThanksgivingDecember 3, 2014:  How was your Thanksgiving? We tried something different this year and grew our own!  It was almost all a success–here’s how it turned out. This is my final podcast on the Survival Mom Radio Network.

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Food Storage & Survival: Gratitude

Food Storage & Survival  episode 79 imageNovember 26, 2014:  It’s Thanksgiving Eve so we’ve got a special episode on gratitude–what it’s worth and how we can develop more in our daily lives.   I also share why I started my blog and a few things I’m grateful for. Listen in while you’re baking those pies. Here’s wishing all my listeners a wonderful day of Thanksgiving, tomorrow and every day!

Food Storage and Survival: Preparedness Gifts for Kids

Food Storage & Survival: Episode 78 imageNovember 19, 2014: Ditch the toys this holiday season and get the kids gifts to help foster preparedness! In today’s episode I share 15+ of my favorite gifts for children from infants to the older teens who are ready to live on their own.

Mentioned in the show:

15+ Great Preparedness Gifts from Toddler to Teen

Leatherman Squirt

Melissa and Doug gardening tools

Food Storage & Survival: Prepare to Help Others

FSS episode 77 imageNovember 12, 2014:  With the holidays fast approaching I share some ways to be prepared to help and lift others whether there’s an emergency or not. I also have an update on our “I Grew Thanksgiving” Challenge plus share our trouble with honey bees.

Mentioned in the show:

5 Tips to be Prepared to Help Others

I Grew Thanksgiving Challenge

Food Storage & Survival: Fire Starting 101

November 5, 2014:

FSS episode 76 imageReady to get a fire lit? In an emergency, being able to light a fire could save your life. In this episode we discuss why and how to get a survival fire lit plus some of my favorite fire starting cheats to make the job a little easier.

Mentioned in the show:

Fire Starting 101

Burning snack chips

Dryer lint fire starters

Wallet sized fire starters

How to start a fire with a magnifying glass

How to make char cloth

Food Storage & Survival: Sheltering in Place

Food Storage & Survival: House for one familyOctober 29, 2014:  What do you need to shelter in place?  And what’s the difference between quarantine, self-quarantine, and reverse quarantine?  In this episode we talk about supplies to have on hand and how to ensure you won’t need to leave your home, sharing experience from Allen and Sheree Mann’s family who recently self-quarantined for 21 days.

Food Storage & Survival: Roundup of Audience Questions and Tips

FSS episode 74 imageOctober 22, 2014: Today, you picked the show topic! I answer some of the questions I have received lately plus share some fantastic tips from some of my blog readers! Everything from canning meat to storing dehydrated food to what to do with those empty #10 cans.

Mentioned in the show:

Canning chicken or pork

Dehydrating frozen vegetables

Fresnel lens

101 Uses for Empty #10 Cans

Food Storage and Survival: EDC Purse Preparedness

FSS episode 73 imageOctober 15, 2014 – What’s in your purse? Can it help you survive? In this episode we talk about some Every Day Carry (EDC) items to have with you whether you carry them in your purse, diaper bag, or in your pockets. Plus some items you may already have in that purse that could be used for survival.

Mentioned in the show:

Preparedness Fair listing

Small first aid kit

Leatherman Squirt

Wallet-Sized Fire Starter

Food Storage & Survival: Live Free or Die with Tony and Amelia

Food Storage & Survival:  episode 72 imageOctober 8, 2014: Have you caught the new series on National Geographic called Live Free or Die? It features individuals who have chosen to leave the rat race and nine to five of regular life and live life on their own terms. Today I get to talk with Tony and Amelia from Live Free or Die about their lifestyle and the joys and challenges they experience living life by their own rules.