Real Food Living: Thanksgiving Planning and Turkey Tips

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November 8, 2013: Join Vickilynn in this episode on the topic of preparing your Thanksgiving ahead of time in order for it to be relaxing and enjoyable!  Vickilynn is joined by Sylvia Britton of and the author of the Thanksgiving Planner ebook.  They will be giving away a free copy!

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Homekeeping Haven: Thanksgiving Planning and Turkey Tips

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November 7, 2013: On this episode, Sylvia shares more information from her book “Thanksgiving Planner” including turkey buying, handling, cooking and serving. Sylvia is joined by Vickilynn Haycraft of Real Food Living and they talk turkey!

Be sure to listen in to find out how to win Sylvia’s Thanksgiving Planner for free!

Real Food Living: Sylvia Britton and Help for the Disabled part 2

November1, 2013: On this episode, Sylvia Britton returns to continue sharing helpful information for those who are disabled or dealing with chronic illness and how to prep and handle work around the home. Be sure to tune in for practical, helpful strategies.

Homekeeping Haven: Thanksgiving Planner Devotions

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October 31, 2013:  Sylvia talks to Vickilynn Haycraft, hostess of Real Food Living, about preparing your heart and mind for the Thanksgiving holiday. This show is all about Faith and preparing to serve and bless others, it may or may not reflect the beliefs of The Survival Mom Radio Network.

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Real Food Living: More Help for the Disabled with Sylvia Britton


homekeeping-lists-coverOctober 25, 2013: On this episode, Vickilynn Haycraft continues her series on help for those with physical challenges and welcomes back, Sylvia Britton of the  Homekeeping Haven radio show (here on The Survival Mom Radio Network), Christian ,and the author of “Homekeeping Lists for the Chronically Ill and Disabled.”

We will be giving away one copy of this e-book! Please go to the Show Notes page to enter!

Homekeeping Haven: Putting the Garden to Bed

Fall gardenOctober 24, 2013: Sylvia talks about how to put your garden to bed for the winter and preparing for a great growing season next spring. Cleaning up, repairing, fertilizing, composting and more are covered in this informative show.

Real Food Living: Carol Marks Blogging Through Gluten-free Baking

CarolOctober 18, 2013: Join Vickilynn Haycraft and her guest, Carol Marks of as they discuss Carol’s challenge of weekly baking and blogging from the cookbook, “The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking” written by Chef Peter Reinhart and Denene Wallace.

Also, be sure to listen for Carol’s announcement on how you can get a copy of this wonderful book! She is giving away 12 copies!

Homekeeping Haven: More About Pears!

pears bowl smallOctober: 17, 2013: More About Pears!  Sylvia tells you how to choose, plant and grow pear trees, pruning, soil requirements and more.

Real Food Living: Prepping with disabilities


Wheelchair October 11, 2013: Prepping with disabilities and challenges. On this episode, Vickilynn shares her experiences  and helpful tips on how to manage prepping tasks while dealing with disabilities and challenges.